Corrie defends unlikely affair

Coronation Street executive producer Kieran Roberts has been forced to defend the Molly/Kevin affair in the Granada soap after it was criticised by readers of Radio Times.

Kieran Roberts, executive producer of Granada soap Coronation Street, has defended the soap’s Molly/Kevin affair storyline after readers of the Radio Times were somewhat critical of it. The storyline has not been well received by fans or critics with Inside Soap, Radio Times and ATV News itself all criticising the storyline and labelling it implausible. Kieran Roberts however, answering questions from the readers of Radio Times, described the plot as “plausible”.


Much of the criticism of the story comes from viewers believing Molly Dobbs [Vicky Binns] would not cheat on her husband, Tyrone, so soon after marrying him. Kevin [Michael Le Vell] has, of course, cheated on wife Sally several times before. Most notably in the 1990’s with Natalie Horrocks which led to the Websters divorcing before reuniting several years later. Sally is hardly the innocent party having knocked up a fair share of affairs herself. 


“In Molly’s eyes Tyrone is a lovely lad, but also immature, even boring,” he said. “In Kevin, Molly sees a more mature man who can bring romance into a life that’s become dull. I don’t imagine many viewers will sympathise, but I think Molly’s behaviour is understandable and consistent.” – Kieran Roberts in Radio Times



It isn’t just the viewers who haven’t taken with the storyline either. Reportedly, according to a tabloid newspaper, actor Michael Le Vell has been critical of the storyline himself and asked bosses to wrap it up quickly.


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