Fans fury over X-Factor results

Fans of ITV’s reality television series The X-Factor are up in arms over the latest eviction from the series. Simon Cowell’s decision to take the vote to deadlock resulting in ‘Jedwood’ being saved at the expense of a more talented contestant has sparked anger from fans and calls for a mass boycott of the series.


Warning: If you do NOT wish to know who was voted off this week’s The X-Factor do NOT read on, spoilers ahead.

'Deadwood Jed-Ward' - Frantlemedia

Simon Cowell has caused outrage amongst fans of his ITV series The X-Factor after taking this week’s result to deadlock. ‘Jed-ward’ and Lucie Jones found themselves in the bottom two. Louis Walsh voted to keep the twins in the contest while Danni Minogue and Cheryl Cole both voted to keep Lucie Jones in, Cowell decided to take the vote to deadlock which meant the decision once again went to the public. The contestant with the least number of votes was kicked off the series and this week that was Lucie Jones. 


However, this has sparked anger from legions of X-Factor fans who are hoping this week would spell the end of ‘Jed-ward’ on the series. Many immediately took to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to vent their fury. Within moments groups sprung up on Facebook calling for mass boycotts of next weekend’s editions of The X-Factor in protest. Radio phone-in shows across the country were also inundated with emails; calls and texts from irritate listeners who were moaning about Cowell’s decision to not vote off ‘Jed-ward’.You can email us your opinions on last night’s X-Factor by clicking here >>


A selection of viewer comments:



“The twins are through again!!! – how much longer can they keep on going?”



“I cannot believe that john and edward are still in the competition, it is unbelievably sad that people actually want them in and think they have talent when they clearly don’t.”



“It’s turning into Britain’s Got Talent with the crappy acts surviving at the expense of others”



“its Simon Cowell show and he clearly knows what he is doing”



“Jedwood would be perfect for Butlins just not X-Factor”


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