Weekend Ratings Round Up

Strictly Come Dancingq

A round up of ratings from the weekend which includes huge ratings for both outings of The X-Factor while viewers found something better to watch than Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. On Sunday evening Doc Martin ended with impressive figures while The X-Factor peaked high for a controversial booting off.

Warning: If you have not seen last night’s edition of The X-Factor and do not wish to know who was booted off do not read on. – Though if you don’t know already from all the coverage it has received you must have been on the moon!


A movie themed X-Factor proved to be ratings gold for ITV1. The themed Frantlemediaedition saw duo John and Edward Grimes “sing” Ghostbusters. The duo have recently been making headlines in the tabloid newspapers as they continue to survive the public vote in the singing competition. Despite growing public dismay, amongst some, about the duo’s survival 11.8 million viewers still tuned in with the show peaking at 13.6 million viewers at one point. Once The X-Factor was over the audience were very quick to turn off with over nine million viewers finding something better to watch than Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. The chat-show, fronted by disgraced former Mirror editor Morgan, could only muster 4.2 million viewers.

Meanwhile over on BBC One on Saturday evening Strictly Come Dancing, at Blackpool, pulled in 8.7 BBCmillion viewers peaking at 9.4 million at one point. Actor Craig Kelly, who had wanted to make it as far as Blackpool in the competition, was kicked out. His performance on the show was criticised by the judges and the public obviously felt the same as he was in the bottom two. The former Coronation Street actor was booted off by the judges. Later on in the evening BBC1’s flagship medical drama Casualty once again suffered against tough competition as ratings fell well below the five million mark with 4.6 million viewers.


Sunday evening’s edition of The X-Factor also proved to be a hit with audiences though they were Frantlemedia quick to vent their fury after Simon Cowell’s controversial decision. The results show, which also featured guest performances by The Black Eyed Peas and Leona Lewis, averaged 14.4 million viewers. However, the singing contest saw a peak audience of 16.6 million viewers – doubtless curious viewers to see who would be booted off the competition. Simon Cowell took the judges vote to deadlock once again meaning Lucie Jones was kicked off the competition because she had less viewer votes than Edward and John Grimes.

Within moments of the show ending social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook were in meltdown as fans vented their fury at the result. Viewers were quick to turn off the show as well with a drop of more than 3 million once the results had been announced. Following The X-Factor was the final episode in the current series of Doc Martin which once again performed well for ITV1. The Martin Clunes drama pulled in an impressive 9.5 million viewers.