Coronation Street DVD Winners

The winners of the ATV Network News Coronation Street DVD give-a-way have been selected at random by our editorial team. The lucky winners who will receive the Romanian Holiday courtesy of ITV DVD are:
Vi Baxter of Lincolnshire
Stephen Wilson of Bensham
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the many Corrie fans who took part in this competition.
Next week we have, in association with the official ITV Crossroads Fan Club, 2 box sets of the 45th Crossroads Motel Anniversary DVD to give-a-way. The ATV Network produced soap aired its first episode back in 1964 and became one of the top rating soaps of the 1970s.
Check in once more to meet Meg Richardson – played by Noele Gordon (most popular soap actress in UK history with an unbeaten track record of awards) – the owner of the Birmingham based motel where anything can, and usually does, happen…