Thousands complain to ITV and Ofcom over X-Factor

ITV/FrantlemediaThousands of angry ITV viewers have complained to the broadcaster over Sunday night’s edition of The X-Factor. The complaints surround Simon Cowell’s controversial decision to save twins Edward and John Grimes.





The anger surrounding the survival of ‘Deadwood’ duo Edward and John Grimes continues as it’s been revealed that the broadcaster has received over 3000 complaints relating to the duo’s survival in The X-Factor. As well as receiving thousands of complaints ITV.Com collapsed as thousands of angry viewers posted on the site’s message boards. The boards were still down yesterday as the broadcaster struggled to get them back online after so many furious viewers tried to air their views.



Ofcom, the media regulator, also confirmed it had received complaints from viewers and it was making enquires into them. The exact number of complaints to Ofcom was not revealed but will most likely be revealed later in the week. As well as complaining to Ofcom and ITV itself viewers also took to Facebook, Twitter and radio phone-in shows to vent their anger.



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