Jedward Voted Off The X-Factor

Jedward duo Edward and John Grimes were finally voted off The X Factor when they ended up in the bottom two alongside fellow hopeful Olly Murs.

Another week and another hopeful has been shown the final exit door on ITV’s The X Factor. Last week Lloyd Daniels and Jamie Archer were in the bottom two – meaning ‘Jed-Ward’ duo John and Edward Grimes survived another week. Deadlock in the judges voting meant the contestant with the least number of public votes was sent home and that was Jamie Archer.

In the bottom two of the public this week were ‘Jed-Ward’ duo John and Edward Grimes and Olly Murs. But with this opportunity to vote off Jedward did the judges opt to send them home or Olly Murs instead? Well unsurprisingly Louis Walsh voted to save his act, John and Edward, and therefore send Olly Murs home.

Likewise Simon Cowell voted to save his act, Olly, and therefore voted to send Edward and John Grimes home. Meaning it was down to Cheryl Cole and Danni Minogue as to whom would be going home. Cheryl Cole opted to send home Edward and John as well and Danni Minogue voted to save Olly Murs and send home Edward and John Grimes too.

This means that after weeks of survival against the odds the ‘Jed-ward’ duo were finally sent home by the judges.