Corrie’s Maggie Jones dies

She was the sharp-tongued, fast witted Blanche Hunt in Coronation Street who became loved by millions for her role as the Weatherfield pensioner and mother of mainstay Dierdre Barlow. Sadly this morning actress Maggie Jones died.
Maggie was taken to hospital for the second time within two years after falling at a hotel near the Granada studios in Manchester, while she didn’t want her latest illness revealed it was reported she had undergone a ‘serious’ operation and ITV Granada confirmed she was ‘quite poorly’. The first time Maggie was written out of storylines came after the actress fell, again at a hotel, and spent several weeks recuperating in April 2008.
Speaking of her character after winning a Soap Award for her comedy performances she said:  “Blanche genuinely believes what she’s saying is right, and doesn’t say things for comedic effect. If I started trying to play the lines for laughs, they wouldn’t come out right and the performance would suffer.

“Everyone knows someone like Blanche – or if they don’t, they wish they did! We’d all like to be as outspoken as her and have the nerve to say the things she does.”

Maggie first appeared in Coronation Street in 1974 as Blanche, spending three years as a regular before returning for several short stints during the late 70s and 1980s. She didn’t become a regular until ten years ago and in between Corrie work she appeared in many popular productions including TVS’ crime series The Ruth Rendell Mysteries, BBC comedy Goodnight Sweetheart and Granada’s lavish production of Sherlock Holmes.
But it will be the character of Blanche that she’ll be most fondly remembered for. Maggie died in hospital after battling illness since early October.
Blanche’s Best Bits…
  • Blanche: “Good looks are a curse, Deirdre. You and Kenneth should count yourselves lucky.”

  • Emily: I wish I was three again… Blanche: Oh yes, rickets, TB, rationing… Those were the days.
  • “He’s a looney and she’s a man.” – Blanche talking about Roy and Hayley Cropper

  • Blanche telling Liz off for leaving her washing drying all over the sitting room. “Kenneth doesn’t want to stare at thongs all day. The man’s an intellectual!”

  • Ken has just got down on one knee to propose to Deirdre and she’s turned him down. Blanche says: “Well, if you leave it much longer he won’t be able to get up again!”

  • Blanche to Tracy who’s in a good mood “You look remarkably chipper. Trod on a snail?”

  • When Tracy arrives back from her holiday with Charlie, having left Amy at home with the Barlows, Blanche says: “You should have bought her a T-shirt with ‘I’m your mother’ on it.

  • Shelley jilting Charlie at the alter: You are destroying me. You do go with other women. I’ve seen it with my own eyes! And you made me feel it was my fault! You made me feel scared, you made me feel inferior. I can’t trust you! I can’t marry you! …Blanche: Do you think they wrote their own vows?