ABC takes FlashForward off till March

American broadcaster ABC has decided to take FlashForward off the air until March. It was recently announced that production on the new drama series had temporarily shut down in a move, according to ABC, to allow script-writers to get ahead. However, some fans took it as a negative sign as the series continues to suffer from declining ratings.

abcLast night’s episode of FlashForward in America will be the last to air until March as broadcaster ABC has decided to take the new series off-air. The news comes after last week’s announcement that production had shut-down for a week. ABC stated the close-down period was always intended and that it was to allow script writers to get ahead. However, declining ratings for FlashForward have prompted some to wonder whether ABC has lost faith in the series it hoped would topple Lost.

FlashForward premiered well with 12.4 million viewers and ABC were quick to order additional episodes but since then ratings have tumbled down to below 8 million. In the UK the series airs on Five where it attracts reasonable numbers although this week’s episode dropped to 1.9 million and was beaten by docu-drama The Queen on Channel Four.