Cowell blasts Facebook campaign

Simon Cowell has blasted the Facebook campaign to get Rage Against the Machine to the Number One slot in the singles chart instead of X Factor winner Joe McElderry. Cowell accuses the campaign of bullying McElderry while fellow judge Cheryl Cole, the winner’s mentor in the competition, calls the campaign “mean”. Their comments come as the X Factor winner continues to lag behind in the battle for the top slot in the charts.

FrantlemediaJoe McElderry, the X Factor winner for 2009, continues to lag behind in the battle for the singles chart but the gap is narrowing. However, the expected surge of sales for McElderry hasn’t happened and Rage Against the Machine are still on track – at this moment – to win the battle and become the number one. This has lead to Simon Cowell once again blasting the campaign and accusing them of bullying the X Factor winner.   

“You have a teenager with his first single being attacked by a huge hate mob on Facebook. It almost feels like a little kid being bullied. It feels like a spiteful campaign aimed at an 18-year-old who won a talent competition,” – Simon Cowell talking to The Sun 

It’s not the first time Cowell has spoken out against the Facebook campaign previously labelling it as “stupid” and stating it was personally directed against him. However, now fellow judge Cheryl Cole, who was Joe McElderry’s mentor during the X Factor, has also spoken out against the campaign. Cole called the campaign “mean” and also said she would be “gutted” for McElderry if he lost the battle because of the campaign. 

It’s the biggest chart battle of recent years and record company Sony, who own both songs, will no doubt be delighted at the sales figures for both tracks as the competition between the two hots up. The gap between the two singles has narrowed down to just 40,000 and it’s still expected that McElderry will overtake rivals Rage Against the Machine by Sunday