Actor Donald Pickering passes away


Actor Donald Pickering has passed away at the age of 76.

The actor appeared in a wide range of programmes including three appearances in Doctor Who alongside dramas such as The House of Eliott, Yes Prime Minister, All Creatures Great and Small and a 1980 version of Sherlock Holmes where he played Doctor Watson.

The actor was a well known face on television appearing in a wide range of dramas and comedies across the years. Amongst his many roles where three separate appearances in Doctor Who; his first appearance was in the 1964 story The Keys of Marinus which was written by Terry Nation. Pickering’s next appearance was in 1967, during Patrick Troughton’s tenure as the Time Lord, in the story The Faceless Ones. His final appearance in the science fiction series was in 1987 in Sylvester McCoy’s debut story; Time and the Rani where he guest starred alongside Kate O’Mara and Wanda Ventham.

His roles in Doctor Who were just some of his many in famous television programmes across the decades. Other roles includes appearances in dramas such as Rumpole of the Bailey, The Professionals, Tales of the Unexpected, Crown Court, The Pallisers and The Saint.

Pickering also appeared in comedies such as Yes Prime Minister, Lovejoy and The Brittas Empire. In 1980 he played Doctor Watson for 23 episodes in Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.