Celebrity Big Brother Contestants Revealed!

The contestants for this year’s Celebrity Big Brother – the final series of the celebrity version – have been revealed as the reality television series kicks off on Channel Four.


Tonight LIVE, on Channel 4 presenter Davina McCall will be house-side to introduce us to the 11 celebrities who will keep us entertained (by accident or by design) for the next 27 days. Emerging through a giant eye to face the cheers and jeers of the crowd each celebrity will have just moments to lap up the applause before stepping into the house and under Big Brother’s control. The line up for this seventh series includes a footballer turned actor, a US musician, a Page 3 girl, a Hollywood actor, a cage fighter, a Bad Girl from a great Dynasty, and a top Swedish DJ.


The theme for this series is Hell Lies in Others and the tasks have been specially designed to torment and tease the very best and worst out of our celebrities in full view of the cameras and the viewing public.   Almost as soon as the door closes on the housemates Big Brother will spring a little surprise on the housemates to help bring them closer together, much closer in fact.  Arranged in the garden is a mini. Together the celebrities will have to see how many of them will fit in this mini in a matter of minutes.  Should one of the new housemates fail to take part or is unable to fit into the car – on their head be it.


The house has undergone some changes since the summer – most have already been reported – however, Big Brother has kept the one room locked until now. All housemates will be forced to share one communal bedroom for the duration of the series. Each celebrity housemate will have a single bed to call their own.  Ear plugs are available from Big Brother on request. As ever, it is the public who decides who gets to stay in the house and who will be asked to leave. During this series the charity Comic Relief will receive a percentage of the money raised from eviction phone voting.


Introducing the new Celebrity Big Brother housemates:




Name:  Nicola 


Age:  27      


Occupation:  Model


Croydon born Nicola launched her modelling career winning The Sun’s first ever ‘Page 3 Idol’ competition.  She went on to appear in the paper regularly becoming one of the most successful page 3 models of all time.  Nicola has also appeared in the movie Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo as a red light district girl.  Previously in a relationship with footballer Bobby Zamora, Nicola is now engaged to Crewe Alexander midfielder Simon Walter with whom she has a child.


Nicola appeared on reality show Wags Boutique and also launched her own fitness DVD called ‘WAG’s Workout’, with fellow ‘WAGS’ Melissa Johnson and Lisa Munday.    Nicola continues to model for men’s magazines and plans to launch her music career later this year. She has recently collaborated on a single with ex-CBB Housemate Coolio.


Nicola is a massive Celebrity Big Brother fan claiming “I love Celebrity Big Brother; I’ve watched every single one”.


Name: Lady Sovereign 


Age:  24


Occupation: Grime Artist


The UK’s best known female grime act was inspired by the success of Ms Dynamite, Lady Sovereign and  reportedly began writing raps at 14 and uploading them to a So Solid Crew fan forum.  Online she met DJ Frampster and together they started uploading sets as the garage/grime duo, Heavy Like Dat. In 2005 she met Jay-Z, then president and CEO of Def Jam, who asked her to perform an on-the-spot freestyle, it is reported that she was immediately signed to the label although she later parted company with them.

Lady Sovereign or Sov as she prefers to be called has had success both in the UK and US and now has her own record label through which she has recently released a new album. She is a fan of Big Brother saying “I always end up watching it and getting a little bit addicted”.


Name:  Stephanie


Age:  60


Occupation: Actress


Stephanie Beacham’s first claim to fame came as a 21-year-old when she was chosen to play a nude scene alongside Marlon Brando.  Stephanie has had an extensive film, television and theatre career on both sides of the Atlantic. She was nominated for a Golden Globe (for Sister Kate) and a People’s Choice Award (The Colbys). 


In 2007 Stephanie took part in the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and in early 2009 joined the cast of Coronation Street as Martha, the love interest of Ken Barlow. Stephanie has two daughters and one grandson who she insists calls her “Glamma” rather than Grandma.Stephanie smoked for 40 years but gave up when George Bush got re-elected reportedly stating ‘I can’t do anything about this world but I can do something about me’.

Name:  Katia


Age: 21


Occupation:  Model and Artist


Born in Kazakhstan, 21 year old Ekaterina moved to Britain at the age of three, coming to fame as the girlfriend of Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood, 62. After meeting Wood at a Mayfair bar in 2008, Ekaterina reportedly described their relationship as starting off “like a fairytale”. After splitting at the end of 2009 however she claimed in an interview “I think he needed to be mothered….I thought ‘I’m only 21, why should I sit here and worry about him?’”. Known as Katia to her friends it is reported that she dreams of being a children’s illustrator. She also claims to be pretty clumsy but says that won’t stop her taking part in all in the tasks.

Code name:  Heidi


Age:  44


Occupation:  Businesswoman


Californian vegetarian Heidi Fleiss is well known for running an extremely successful yet illegal prostitution ring. In 1993 Heidi was arrested on multiple charges.  The media reports of her arrest catapulted Heidi into the limelight as ‘a Hollywood Madam’ although to this day she refuses to name her clients.  Her trial in 1994 was well publicised resulting in a documentary being made about her past career. After a spell behind bars Heidi later sold the rights to her life story to Hollywood: the result was a made-for-TV-movie called ‘Call Me: the Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss” She has produced a DVD with Victoria Sellers called “Sex Tips” and has gone on to develop various other business interests including running a Laundromat called Dirty Laundry in Nevada.  Heidi is an animal lover and is reported to keep parrots.



Name:  Alex


Age: 34


Occupation:   Katie Price’s boyfriend, Actor, Mixed martial arts & cage fighter

Named after Alexander the Great, cage fighter Alex is currently dating model Katie Price.  Fighting under the names of Reidenator and The Detanator, he is trained in numerous martial arts including ‘Vale Tudo’ which he describes as “as near as you can get to total mayhem in a controlled environment” Alex’s first cage fighting experience came at ‘Extreme Brawl’ in 1998, while his lifetime ambition is to be Middleweight Champion of the world.


Outside cage fighting, Alex joined the elite 10th Para regiment of the Territorial Army in 1996 and is said to enjoy reading up on philosophy and ancient mythology. He has also had walk on roles in films such as Eyes Wide Shut, Judge Dredd, Sliding Doors and Tomorrow Never Dies. A regular in ITV’s Soldier Soldier, he appeared in Hollyoaks between 2001 and 2002 before leaving the series to concentrate on his cage fighting career.

Name: Dane


Age:  30


Occupation:   Singer, Songwriter & Producer


Born in Croydon, Dane attended the BRIT School of Performing Arts. As a member of band Another Level he achieved seven top ten singles.  After the group split in 2000, Dane fronted the UK garage act Truesteppers, who had a hit with “Out Of Your Mind” featuring the first solo outing of Victoria Beckham. Dane has a son with ex-girlfriend Emma-Jane North and had a well publicised relationship with model Katie Price.


Name: Jonas AKA Basshunter


Age: 25


Occupation: Singer, Producer and DJ


Swedish born Jonas is best known for his number one dance hit “Now You’re Gone”.  Which was the most played song online in the UK in 2008. Jonas was still living with his parents aged 24 where he first started messing around with computer music programmes on the internet in his bedroom.  In April 2006 he signed his first contract with Extensive Music/Warner Music releasing his first single, “Boten Anna.”  In Scandinavia the song became an instant hit and was the first ever Swedish language song to reach number one on numerous charts around the world. 

At the end of 2007, Basshunter released a re-recording of “Boten Anna”, titled “Now You’re Gone”,. The song subsequently charted at number one on the UK Singles chart (knocking Coldplay off the top spot) and stayed there for 5 weeks.  It was the biggest selling dance single of 2008.  His album “Now You’re Gone: The Album” was released in July 2008 and went directly to No1 in the UK and sold gold and platinum in several countries around the world. Jonas has just returned from DJing at a New Years Eve party for the President of Kazakhstan and does a mean impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He claims Big Brother is his favourite reality TV show and is excited about meeting the rest of the celebrity housemates.  


Name: Stephen


Age:   43


Occupation:   Actor


A born again Christian, Stephen grew up in Long Island, New York, along with brothers Alec, William and Daniel. Best known for his roles in double Academy Award-winning The Usual Suspects and the Oscar winning Born on the 4th of July, he is also the director of his own ministry – The Breakthrough Ministry – preaching in arenas across the United States.  In 2009 Stephen starred in the US versions of Celebrity Apprentice and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!. He was forced to leave the jungle after claiming to have received more than 125 insect bites in just eight days. 


Name: Sisqó (Mark)


Age:  31


Occupation: R&B Singer & Actor 


Born in Baltimore, USA, Sisqó is the youngest of three children and a successful R&B singer. Previously the lead singer of group Dru Hill it was Sisqó’s solo single The Thong Song which made his a household name.  Sisqó recorded his first solo album Unleash the Dragon which included The Thong Song which became the anthem of spring 2000.  The album which went 5x Platinum and accrued world wide sales of 6,000,000. Sisqó’s follow up album, Return of the Dragon had also had world wide success.

In 2001 Sisqó was nominated for the Grammy Awards: Best New Artist, Best R&B Male Vocal Performance: “Thong Song”, Best R&B Album: Unleash the Dragon.  He still writes and performs his own material and has a recording studio in his home. As well as his music career Sisqó took on supporting roles in the films Get Over It (2001) with Kirsten Dunst and Snow Dogs (2002) in which he stars as a dental assistant with Cuba Gooding, Jr.   He also had a role in the hit television series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch in 2001.



Name:  Vinnie


Age: 44


Occupation:  Actor/ Ex-footballer


One of the 20th century’s most notorious footballers, Vinnie rose to fame playing for Wimbledon FC’s ‘Crazy Gang’. A key part of the team that shocked bookmakers and fans alike by beating Liverpool in the 1998 FA Cup final, Vinnie went on to play for clubs including Leeds, Chelsea, and Wales. Infamous for distracting Paul Gascoigne by grabbing his testicles in a game against Tottenham, Vinnie was sent off 12 times in his career and still holds the record for the fastest ever booking – receiving a yellow card after just three seconds.  He retired from the game in 1999.


After football, his great passion is acting and in 1998 he made his successful debut as ‘Big Chris’ in Guy Ritchie’s hit film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, for which he received an Empire award.  Hollywood soon beckoned and Vinnie appeared in a variety of films including Gone in Sixty Seconds, Swordfish, Mean Machine and X-Men: The Last Stand.


Born in 1965, Vinnie is married with two children. He now splits his time between his homes in LA and Hertfordshire.