Molly Gives Tyrone The Push

Coronation Street’s Molly Dobbs finally tells her hubby Tyrone that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore after her long winded, unpopular with viewers, affair with Kevin Webster.


Corrie regulars will be thrilled the affair, which pushed the believability factor to the maximum as it just wasn’t deemed in Molly’s nature to ever stray from Tyrone, is coming to a conclusion. But not with the happy-ever-after ending Weatherfield used to be famous for.

“At first it was exciting and all about Molly and Kevin and now inevitably the consequences have kicked in.” Vicki Binns tells
Following a row, because Tyrone turned down a job in Cheshire, which was no doubt too near to Hollyoaks for his likening, Molly decides she can’t live a lie anymore and announces she’s leaving.
Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone, told “Tyrone gets some worldly advice from Jack which is always fun. He tries to lay the law down and then Molly hits him with the bombshell that she’s leaving him.”
The storyline has recently had the added twist that Kevin’s long suffering wife Sally is to undergo an operation to treat breast cancer, which has proved a popular storyline with viewers and gained much praise for ITV’s portrail of the illness. Watch the full Alan and Vicki interview at’s Coronation Street web portal, here.