Sisqó and Stephen Evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

Once again it was a double eviction night last night on Channel 4 as Celebrity Big Brother evicted another two wanna-be winners from the house. Viewers have been voting all week since the shock round of speed nominations on Monday to evict either Ivana, Sisqó or Stephen.

In this third eviction night of Celebrity Big Brother, host Davina McCall announced live to the nation and the house that Steven and Sisqó had the most votes and would therefore leave the Big Brother house. Stephen is the fourth person leave the shoe thus far and received 50% of the public vote.

Actor – and rather annoying preacher – Stephen Baldwin brought not just a suitcase into the Big Brother house but the bible and The Lord God. Stephen was the first housemate to enter the house “Wow” he said. “Are you an actor?” asked Nicola who was second on the scene.

During his time in the house Stephen confessed to having a ‘healthy little infatuation’ with Stephanie Beacham, being ‘a retired lady killer’ and loving the ‘persecution’ of Big Brother as it made him feel ‘more like Jesus’. But Stephen was described as “an idiot” “a dork” and “a bible toting freak” by Heidi. And Nicola was wary, ‘he’s strange with me“. But Vinnie laughed at Stephen “he would sell snow to the Eskimos” when he witnessed him trying to teach Alex how to box.



Stephen took Alex Reid under his wing with the aim of enlightening him but with just 20 days in the house together has it worked? He also confessed to Big Brother he had a strategy in the house stating “I intend on playing the fool all the way down the line.” This method clearly didn’t prevent him from being nominated as Stephen leaves the house with his bible and beliefs but no victory crown.

Sisqó is the fifth celeb out and he received 29% of the public vote to go. Sisqó arrived in the house and was quick to point out his height “I’m a little taller when I stand on my wallet.” Wallet or no wallet Sisqó quickly proved he was a lyrical force to be reckoned with. Stephanie commented “Sisqó is from another planet and I want to visit it. I think he’s divine.”

Reluctantly Thong Song Sisqó donned a mankini for the Hunk Off competition which caused Nicola to ask him “have you got socks in there?” Sisqó clearly regretted his decision “When I go back to the hood they’re really gonna break my balls.” But with a bottom to envy he impressed the judges and was crowned the Hunkiest Housemate – and he wore his crown as he left the house.

In the Karaoke task, Sisqó was nominated the most vocal housemate but sang only two songs correctly, won just two hampers for the housemates and unwittingly covered the others in fish guts, gravy, custard and cat food. Half way through his time in the house Sisqó realised this was a game he wanted to win; “I saw the Devil on the way in but took it lightly, this is a test of endurance” He took on Daddy of the house Vinnie Jones, an act Stephanie described as “a young buck against a male stag”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues without Stephen and Sisqó on Saturday 23rd January at 9pm on Channel 4. The week’s best bits will be on ATV Network Today on Sunday, with the weekend broadcast highlights on Monday.