Celebrity Big Brother Week 3 Highlights

This week in Celebrity Big Brother the housemates had to face high room heat, basic furniture and more naughty tricks from The Tree Of Temptation. ATV looks back at the highlights of week three.



DAY 16


9.33am Most of the housemates are in the bedroom sleeping. Big Brother plays a recording of Stephanie’s snoring to wake the housemates. “I am so out of here”, an embarrassed Stephanie says. “I think you’re all divine to put up with me for this long”.


10.44am The housemates are in the living room watching birds feed from food Vinnie laid in the garden for them earlier. “There’s a blue one on my nuts”, shouts Vinnie noticing a Blue Tit is taking the food.


Celebrity Big Brother - Nightly on Channel 411.37am Some of the housemates are discussing Celebrity Big Brother and why they did it. “To get awareness of Help for Heroes is one reason”, says Vinnie. “There’s a few people out there that have said things about me, this, that and the other which people can only believe because they haven’t had three weeks to scrutinise me. Now, make your own decision. I’m not acting, this is me”.


Sisqo is in the Diary Room discussing Alex. “I’m tired of seeing him getting his ass kissed by the rest of the house”, he says before doing impressions of other housemates and how they react around Alex. “You’ve got Jonas massaging his feet, Stephen massaging his shoulders. I don’t know how much more I can take”.


12.31pm Stephen, Ivana and Alex are in the snug talking about Alex’s girlfriend Katie Price. “You think she’s watching?” asks Stephen. Alex says Katie wasn’t going to and was going to go on holiday but changed her mind at the last minute.


1.21pm Dane and Nicola are in the bedroom discussing what they should do when leaving the house. “Pantomime you should definitely look into”, says Dane. Nicola says she wants to have a column, “I’d love to take Nikki Graeme’s column”, she says adding “I’ve got another work out DVD in the bag”.



3.12pm This week’s task is set to test the housemate’s creative skills. Two housemates must be models and the rest must draw them in a life drawing class. Ivana and Nicola are called to the Diary Room to collect their underwear. Ivana isn’t especially delighted with the outfit “This is going to fall off”, she says looking at the bra. Big Brother asks them what prize they’d want for taking part. Nicola would like a photo of her fiancée and daughter and Ivana would like 10 steaks.


4.23pm Nicola and Ivana are in their underwear posing as the rest of the housemates draw them. Sov and Stephen have finished theirs in less than four minutes.


5.20pm All the housemates are called to the bedroom. “I hope you get punished for that”, Vinnie says to Stephen explaining that he should have put more effort into it. “I don’t draw”, says Stephen. “It’s not like you Steve. I don’t know what’s got into you”, says Vinnie.



Celebrity Big Brother - Nightly on Channel 46.58pm All the housemates are in the living room when Big Brother turns on the crowd noises. The housemates get excited and think someone could be entering the house.


9.21pm Sov has just been evicted from the house. As she leaves she takes the mystery key that Sisqo was awarded with yesterday.


9.53pm The housemates are in the living room discussing Sov. “She tried to take us all on”, says Vinnie. Dane says he was nice to her today and that no one was rude to her. “We’re not rude people”.



Stephen asks the group if a niece or nephew was acting in the same way as Sov would they handle the situation the same way as they did with her. All in the group says yes apart from Nicola.


12.41am Nicola is in the Diary Room explaining how happy she is that she’s stayed. “To be kept in by the public is just wicked. It’s so good. I beat Lady Sovereign”. On her fellow housemates she says that she loves everyone apart from Stephen and that now they can have lots of fun.



DAY 17


7.37am Vinnie is the first to discover all is not what it should be when he realises the sugar has been swapped for salt when he makes his morning cup of coffee.

9.03am Vinnie tells other housemates who have now woken what has happened. Stephen thinks it’s not salt. And tries to smell it. Ivana explains salt doesn’t smell he will have to taste it. 

Stephen then walks into the bedroom and tells Stephanie ‘we have a scandal’ and explains the salt mystery. Stephanie instantly says ‘that’s them’ she and Ivana realise the hair appliances aren’t working and Nicola comments that the bedroom is roasting. Stephanie realises what’s going on and remarks ‘so we’ve started having games played, is that it?’

Celebrity Big Brother - Nightly on Channel 4In the kitchen Dane runs the water and tells everybody that there’s no hot water. Jonas says ‘alright Big Brother you’re tripping me out now!’ Stephanie wonders what will happen next. 

Stephen comes to the Diary Room and asks Big Brother ‘it seems the hot water isn’t functioning?’ Big Brother tells him there will be no hot water until further notice.  

9.31am Vinnie, Stephen, Alex and Dane are in the kitchen. Stephen is stirring porridge and tells Vinnie Alex was bad mouthing him. Vinnie is interested to hear what was said. Stephen then jokes Vinnie is just angry because he was on the cover of sports illustrated squeezing a mans nuts. Vinnie says ‘what a weasel comment to make.’ Stephen then jokes that it’s a new day with a new strategy.

10.52 Alex is exercising doing shuttle runs outside. Stephen comes into the snug to talk to Vinnie. He tells him “I’m a retired lady killer – now it’s all about the good Lord serving him, waiting for his return.”

Alex walks into the bathroom for a shower. He gets in and we can hear the noises and screams as he has a freezing cold shower. Ivana hears him from the living room and remarks ‘Alex is freaking out in there’.

1.01pm Big Brother has replaced all the sofas and armchairs in the Big Brother house with wooden benches. The snug sofas have gone and instead are two benches coated with honey.

4.02pm Dane is in the garden kicking a homemade football made out of an old towel around an inflated condom.

Dane is set a secret task by the Tree of Temptation to resume order to the House, Dane must sabotage the evening’s dinner by ruining it with chilli powder. If he does this successfully then their hot water/furniture will come back. But Dane is aware he is being watched by his fellow housemates. Dane walks around garden waiting for his moment but the housemates are watching him so he postpones collecting the chilli powder from the tree truck until later. 

5.34pm Dane takes the opportunity to go to the tree whilst the rest of the housemates sit around listening to a bible reading session. He successfully collects the chilli powder. 
Stephen is reading but Stephanie tells him how he should be delivering his readings and says ‘he reads like he is preaching”. Stephen retorts “I am a preacher.” 

Celebrity Big Brother - Nightly on Channel 4In the lounge Stephanie takes the bible and says ‘I’ll start again. I can do better than that even without my glasses.’ She then starts reading. Dane is making his sauce in the kitchen but Vinnie and the others tease him for it. In the lounge Stephen comments ‘I can read in that sort of voice too.’ But Ivana shakes her head and says ‘no you just shout and scream.’

6.22pm The housemates soon sit down to eat the meal and Dane is nervous how they will react. He is a little surprised when they all tuck into the meal and love his sauce. Dane sits at the table looking nervous. 

7.10pm Stephanie laughs about how well they are actually eating in the house “it’s an anti spa.” In the snug Ivana tells Vinnie how she uses boiled water and a bucket in order to have hot showers by pouring it over herself. Vinnie jokingly asks if she’ll do that for him? She replies that she will if he wears his underwear but not if Alex asks her to do it because people are speculating about them – and that will never happen. 

8.01pm Big Brother has taken all the cotton linen and replaced it with hessian, rough wool blankets and basic bed linen. Housemates are let into the bedroom to find that their bedding has been changed with little chocolate boxes left on their pillows. Ivana says ‘I don’t trust it yet’. However, choc horror awaits them as Stephen, Ivana and Sisqo discover that their boxes don’t contain chocolates but messages telling them they will face the public vote. 

Dane then uses this opportunity to walk into the garden whilst everyone is distracted. He walks to the tree and asks the tree to talk to him. The tree greets him he messed up the task because everyone enjoyed their food but as he did try, he can have one final opportunity to end his fellow housemates suffering. 

He must wake in the middle of the night with a ‘scream like a girl’ as if waking from an awful nightmare. He must then receive a sympathetic hug from a housemate to pass the task.

9.03pm  Sisqo is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. He says he’s very disappointed to be nominated but says it will be a battle and he will take on Vinnie a la David and Goliath because it’s “the BB House, not Vinnie Jones House” 

1042pm The temperature in the bedroom is 27 degrees. Alex has gone to the Diary Room to complain to Big Brother about the heat. “can you turn the heating down” Big Brother says no. Alex “can I ask why?”
12.16am All the housemates are asleep, Dane leaps out of bed with a screech, waking them. He runs out of the bedroom and stands by the doors to the garden. The other housemates rush out after him – to check he’s okay.

Dane goes to the kitchen followed by Nicola – she gives him a sympathetic hug. He goes to the bathroom and does a private celebratory dance at passing the task!



DAY 18


8.45am Since Sov took the mystery key from the house on Friday, Big Brother has been punishing housemates with high temperatures and freezing water. Most of the Housemates are sleeping in the Bedroom.

Celebrity Big Brother - Nightly on Channel 4Stephen is talking about Dane’s nightmare last night. “Dane had a paranormal experience” 
Ivana “They are starting to go cuckoo in here”. Stephen tells the Housemates he did a ‘quick fix’ to dispel any demons last night, despite not having the Bible with him. He says he believes that ‘demonic activity can occur and do these things’ to people. 

9.43am The lounge resembles a gym as they all do their exercise. Nicola questions whether Big Brother is turning the heat up then down “Hot then cold” Stephanie tells her “it’s hotter, hotter, hotter.” Dane is called to the Diary Room where Big Brother tells him I’m “delighted to present you with the key.” Dane is thrilled “it’s a thing of beauty.” and admits he was scared stiff doing the task and tells Big Brother how he dare not scream out. He decided he was going to scream on a silent count of 20 but then he couldn’t, so he ended up counting up to 20 a few times until he finally screamed. Dane is told by Big Brother to hide the key as it is now his. He must not discuss this with the other housemates. 

11.02am Alex is stretching with the help of Stephen. Big Brother has put the house back to normal and they have found an invitation telling the housemates to be seated at lunchtime for a roast dinner. 

The housemates decide to be grateful rather than suspicious and just enjoy it. But Vinnie is suspicious.

12.16pm Nicola “I love Big Brother. Don’t you think Big Brother is brilliant? Making us suffer, so today we are even happier.” 

Stephanie, Stephen and Ivana are in the snug. Stephen thinks one of the best things about being in the house is being with Ivana and Stephanie. Stephen “my joy in here is the two of you. You are just so cute together”.

Ivana comments that people didn’t expect them to get along. Stephanie says the house has changed for the better since Ivana arrived. And is thrilled the conversation in the house seems to have picked up a bit. She really didn’t approve of it before “There was sex in our dormitory.” the others refute the act of sex, actually happened but Stephanie explains even Jonas and Katia sharing a bed was too much “horrid”.

Ivana thinks she’s had an influence on the house too. “people have started to dress up a bit better”. She thinks you should always aim to look your best. “it’s nice to look nice”.
1.20pm The Housemates sit down to a roast dinner. Nicola “Thank you Big Brother.” As they all start eating Vinnie muses about ‘what this is all about’ and thinks they are ‘going to pay dearly for it’. Nicola discovers crosses on their plates. 

Celebrity Big Brother - Nightly on Channel 42.03pm Some of the housemates are in the lounge. Jonas farts. But Nicola blames Dane.
Alex is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother he thinks the roast dinner was a nice “olive branch” and says “everyone is jovial” He thinks things are quite “up and down, up and down.” In the house but “it’s interesting” and he’s “still having lots of fun.”

3.16pm The housemates have been given butcher’s outfits and have been split into three teams for the next task. They enter the task room in the garden where there is a big wire mesh shaped bull and trays of offal.

Big Brother explains they have to put the cow back together by weaving the meat into the wire mesh. Stephanie “This is good.” The teams are: Red team: Nicola, Stephanie and Ivana. Blue team: Vinnie, Alex and Jonas. Green team: Sisqo, Dane and Stephen. 
Stephanie this is “Well disgusting… I think I might be sick”.

Big Brother congratulations the housemates for doing “Offaly well”. 

5.43pm Stephanie, Sisqo and Ivana are in the snug talking about Sov and the key. Sisqo wonders if Sov would have still taken the key if she’d known they would be punished for it. 
Stephanie reckons she would. Stephanie thinks it was a ‘cheeky move’ Sisqo ‘no one will know what the key will hold, all because of Sov’. 

Nicola is lying on her bed crying. She sees Dane come in. He goes to comfort her. She has been looking at the photo of her partner and little girl. Nicola “They’re not smiling are they trying to send me a message?” She says of her daughter “She looks really sad”. Dane explains she looks fine and she’s building a snowman. He calls Nicola a “Knob head” and gives her a hug. 

6.20pm Jonas in diary room he is telling Big Brother he didn’t sleep well last night. “Dane’s nightmare freaked me out and I got one then couldn’t sleep.” Big Brother asks him about his nightmare Jonas explains he doesn’t get them often but when he does it’s the same thing “monsters and zombies invading my house and eating up all my friends.” 

7.57pm Alex is telling the housemates about when he used to work in a “mental asylum”. And how there was one guy who thought he was Jesus and one who thought he was the devil. 

Stephen is in the Diary Room asking Big Brother if he can have a two minute phone call on Sunday as it’s his daughter’s 17th birthday. 
Big Brother says no. 
Stephen says “Big Brother should be aware of the word wrath.”
Big Brother retorts “Big Brother thinks Stephen should be aware of the word rules.” 

Celebrity Big Brother - Nightly on Channel 48.33pm Vinnie reads the rules in the bedroom. Sisqo is in the lounge explaining he’s not had a cigarette now “for one and a half days”. Sisqo explains he’s in this to win it. He doesn’t want to show any weakness and wants to be a role model if he’s gonna win. He is going to cut down his cursing and his smoking, farting and will also stop drinking too. 

9.21pm The housemates have been given some alcohol as part of the reward for the beef task. Jonas and Sisqo are drinking glasses of wine. Alex and Vinnie are in the bedroom talking. Alex says “I’ve had a lot of stress over the last six months” and thinks “it’ will be interesting to see how the press will have played this one.”

9.35pm Vinnie is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about Sisqo and his reaction to the nominations. Sisqo is in the lounge – he is explaining to the other housemates “If I stay on I’m going to give him the business.”

10.39pm Vinnie is in the bedroom talking to Stephanie and Dane. Vinnie wonders ‘how can someone turn on someone that’s doing everything for you’. Stephanie tells him it’s fine “it’s a young buck against the male stag.” 

Sisqo is still talking about Vinnie in the lounge to Stephen. Stephen acknowledges Vinnie is in top position and has taken on the kitchen as his domain but he doesn’t think “it’s deliberate.”



On Friday Stephen and Sisqo were evicted from Celebrity Big Brother.

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