Jeremy Kyle heading to America


ITVThe ITV1 daytime confrontational show The Jeremy Kyle Show is heading to America as ITV Studios sign a new deal to produce a version for the American market. In the UK the show airs on ITV1 but has often come under fire from the press and even judges for its treatment of guests and the aggressive and confrontational nature of some of its stories.

ITV Studios has signed a deal to take the controversial Jeremy Kyle and his daytime show to itvAmerica. A test version of The Jeremy Kyle Show will be produced before it will most likely roll out across America next year. ITV Studios is producing the American version with Debmar-Mercury but the daytime market in America is notoriously difficult for new shows to launch into. With declining audiences and the economic downturn the daytime television market isn’t what it used to be and even once strong performers such as chat-shows and soaps are suffering. CBS has cancelled two of its soaps; Guiding Light and As The World Turns and if the American Jeremy Kyle doesn’t perform you can bet it’ll promptly disappear.

In the UK the daytime show airs on ITV1 in the mornings and is repeated on ITV2 in the afternoons. Although something of a ratings winner the show is hugely controversial and has attracted wide-spread criticism aimed at the show in general and its host. In 2007 in a court-case regarding a man who was head butted on the show the Judge was hugely critical of the show; calling it a disgrace and “human bear-baiting”. In the same year a sponsor of the show cancelled their contract following concerns from MP’s to the company and the show regularly is criticised by sections of the press.