Caprica’s ratings drop again


SyFyRatings for SyFy’s new series Caprica dropped once again on Friday evening as the Battlestar Galactica prequel series tumbles down the ratings chart.

SyFyOnce again on Friday evening ratings for SyFy Channel’s new series Caprica dropped from the previous week. Caprica opened two weeks ago to 1.6 million viewers but subsequent episodes have seen ratings drop from that low figure. Friday evening’s episode saw 1.1 million viewers tune in – dangerously close to falling below 1 million viewers. It’s possible that once the series gets into its stride and storylines start to get juicier audiences will return because if they don’t Caprica is beginning to look like a sure thing for cancellation.


In the UK Caprica airs on Sky One and the second episode of the series can be seen tonight. To find out more about tonight’s episode click here >>