ITV expected to order more Taggart

Further adventures of Glasgow based crime series Taggart will be produced by STV reports suggest.

ITV and STV have apparently put their troubles behind them to commission a new series of the Scottish detective drama Taggart. There had been some speculation that the drama would fall victim to the on-going dispute between the two broadcasters and STV had previously stated if Taggart was axed by ITV it would take the drama elsewhere. However, its believed that ITV are to announce that six new episodes will be commissioned.

The Scottish detective drama had been in limbo following a row over production costs between ITV and STV over none-Taggart related material. The series had been on hiatus for some time and there was a growing concern among Scottish producers that Taggart would fall victim to the on-going dispute with the drama itself also suffering declining ratings due to erratic scheduling by ITV – but over the Christmas period the show celebrated its 100th episode, having started in 1983 with the late Mark McManus as the title detective Jim Taggart.

STV had previously stated that if ITV decided not to renew the drama it would take it elsewhere with the UKTV channel Alibi suggested as one possible future broadcaster. UKTV will, its reported, play a part in the new episodes as they’ll have repeat rights to the latest editons. The announcement confirming the return of the Glasgow-based production is expected to happen tomorrow with insiders at ITV noting the new episodes of Taggart will first air on STV in the autumn before screening on ITV in 2011 and then Alibi in 2013.

The deal, if true, is not only a sign that the dispute between STV and ITV could be coming to an end but also that ITV is prepared to produce drama’s in association with other broadcasters. Last year ITV signed a deal to revive its dino-drama Primeval, after cancelling it just weeks before, with BBC America and UKTV as partners in the deal.

Pictured top and middle: the current cast of Taggart. Pictured bottom: Mark McManus as Jim Taggart the original detective in the series.