Tories spilt over EastEnders

The Tory party seems to be spilt over BBC One soap EastEnders as Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt praises the London based soap on its 25th anniversary but shadow children’s minister Tim Loughton accuses it of being unrealistic and “very damaging”.

It seems the Tory party is divided over BBC One soap EastEnders and two of the shadow cabinet come out with very different opinions on the London based soap which celebrates its 25th anniversary this week.

Jeremy Hunt, the shadow culture secretary, has praised EastEnders for tackling “difficult social issues” and wished it a “happy 25th birthday”.

However, his shadow cabinet colleague Tom Loughton, who is the shadow children’s minister, has a very different opinion and claims EastEnders is unrealistic and “very damaging”.

Tim Loughton blasted the soap for using stereotypes that could potentially be “very damaging”. Jeremy Hunt praised the BBC soap on his personal website after an article in The Guardian Newspaper by Mark Lawson suggested the soap could become a target for a future Tory Government.

However, responding to the claims Hunt insisted that a future Tory government wouldn’t target EastEnders and praised it for tackling many social issues. Sadly it seems that while Tim Loughton is fan of the soap he states the soap does not reflect real life and relies on stereotypes that are damaging.

Some might argue though that there are more pressing issues for the Tories to concern themselves over than a soap such as EastEnders. After all with a General Election just months away some would argue they want to hear the Tories talk policies; on health, education and policing, rather than argue over the usefulness of a BBC saga.

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