Adam Lambert “happy” and “proud” to be out


Openly gay American singer Adam Lambert has said he is “happy” and “proud” to be out.


American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has stated that he is “happy” and “proud” to be out. The actor came out last year following his appearance in the American Idol competition and at the time some speculated his revelation about his sexuality would kill off his career because of the conservative nature of America. Although Lambert has since courted controversy with a gay kiss during a performance which lead to some of his appearances being cancelled the actor is still successful and since working in the music industry.


“I think just being visible and proud of who I am gives the right message. I think empowerment is a great gift to give to people. And it doesn’t have to be about just my gay fans, I want my female fans to feel comfortable in their own skin and feel sexy. Hopefully my music promotes that.” – Adam Lambert in the Herald Sun


 The singer is one of the few openly gay singers within the music industry and his decision to come out was championed by some who said it was important for young gay men to have a high profile role model.