Low viewer turn out for David Cameron


David Cameron interviewed by Trevor McDonald - ITVDavid Cameron’s interview with Sir Trevor McDonald on ITV last night was plagued by low viewer turn out as the Conservative party leader couldn’t even appeal to 2 million viewers. The figure is much lower than Gordon Brown’s interview with Piers Morgan last month which was seen by 4 million viewers. 

David Cameron and Sir Trevor McDonald




David Cameron’s interview last night on ITV was plagued by low viewer turn out. The Conservative party leader was interviewed by Sir Trevor McDonald on ITV1 last night but according to overnight ratings Cameron couldn’t even interest 2 million viewers. The interview was seen by an average audience of just 1.6 million viewers – a huge disappointment and even embarrassment for David Cameron. It could be the latest indication that the public are losing interest and confidence in Cameron who has been plagued by problems within recent weeks with declining opinion polls and the Lord Ashcroft affair hitting the Tory party hard. The poor rating for the Trevor McDonald interview is made even worse by the fact that Piers Morgan’s interview with Prime Minister Gordon Brown performed much better last month with 4 million viewers.



Professor Brian Cox in Wonders of the Solar SystemBBC Two’s night of documentaries proved something of interest for viewers with travel series Tropic of Cancer debuting with 2.4 million at 8pm. Following on was the second episode of new space series Wonders of the Solar System fronted by Professor Brian Cox which focused on Saturn, its rings and moons this week. The second instalment was seen by 2.8 million viewers. Match of the Day 2 on BBC Two was seen by 2.7 million at 10pm. BBC One documentary Victoria: A Royal Love Story had an impressive 5.3 million viewers at 7pm while period drama Lark Rise to Candleford had 5.7 million viewers and The Seven Ages of Britain had 3.7 million at 9pm for BBC One.


Despite ITV’s poor performance with the David Cameron interview it had better luck earlier in the Danny Youngevening with reliable ratings performance from Dancing on Ice. The first installment of the evening had 7.7 million viewers while the results show had 7 million viewers. Soap actors Danny Young and Kieron Richardson were in the “skate-off” this week but a mishap with a prop by Danny Young saw the panel of judges decide to send the former Coronation Street actor home this week. In recent weeks the actor had been seen as a possible winner of the series due to his strong performances and flashes of his chest. Sandwiched between the two editions of Dancing on Ice was African based drama Wild at Heart which had 6.5 million viewers.