“Contemporary” Camelot heading our way

American cable broadcaster Starz has ordered a ten part “contemporary” version of the King Arthur legend titled Camelot. The series will be filmed in Ireland, ala Showtime’s The Tudors and HBO’S Game of Thrones


American broadcaster Starz had given a ten episode season order to a new spin on the legends of King Arthur, reports The Hollywood Reporter. . Camelot will be a contemporary retelling of the Athurian legend and will be filmed in Ireland – ala The Tudors and Game of Thrones– in a production which will involve production companies of four countries; Ireland, UK, America and Canada – where post production on the series will be done. The order for Camelot is the first series order made by new CEO of Starz, Chris Albrecht, since he took reins as president of the cable broadcaster.



Working on Camelot will be Graham King, Morgan O’Sullivan and Michael Hirst. Also working on the project will be British writer Chris Chibnail who has previously worked on Torchwood and  Law and Order: UK. Camelot won’t be the only drama based on the legends of King Arthur as the BBC has Merlin, a fantasy version of the legends. In the BBC series the characters of Merlin and Arthur are depicted as teenagers in Camelot with King Uther Pendragon as Arthur’s father. Merlin has proved highly popular with Saturday teatime audiences for the BBC and the corporation has ordered a third season of it.


Casting is underway for Camelot with the hope of starting production in June in Ireland for a premier early next year. Camelot was originally developed by UK company Eccose Films and was originally intended for Showtime. It’s hoped that Camelot will be a hit with viewers as Rome was for HBO and The Tudors has been for Showtime.