John Forsythe dies at the age of 92

John Forsythe has passed away at the age of 92. The actor was known to millions across the world as the ruthless oil tycoon Blake Carrington in the 1980s super-soap, Dynasty. However, his voice will be forever known as that of Charlie in Aaron Spelling’s female detective series Charlie’s Angels.


John Forsythe who became a household name in 1980s glamour series Dynasty has died aged 92. The actor became a love-to-hate figure as the scheming oil tycoon Blake Carrington. He was noted as the only actor to appear in all 220 episodes of the big budget soap between 1981 and 1989. The actor also played the role of Blake Carrington for four episodes of the spin-off series, The Colby’s, across its two seasons.


Although Dynasty put Forsythe as an international star, he had a long and varied career. Including as the voice of Charlie in Charlie’s Angels and sitcom Bachelor Father some years earlier. As well as playing the voice of Charlie in the hit Aaron Spelling detective series Forsythe also reprise his “role” for the two films in the early 2000’s.


He made his name in movies first in numerous small parts before landing bigger film parts and roles on Broadway. He took the male lead in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Trouble with Harry in 1955 and later starred in Topaz.


Over the years he had suffered a series of health problems, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery in 1979 while in 2006 he was diagnosed as suffering from Colon cancer.. Forsythe’s publicist said that the actor had died late on Thursday evening from complications from pneumonia following a battle with cancer.


Forsythe died in Santa Ynez, California. A family statement read: ‘He was 92 years old and, thankfully, he died as he lived his life … with dignity and grace, after a year-long struggle with cancer.’


As well as acting John Forsythe was also a respected producer and director of stage and television. His last appearance as his most famous character was in 2006 when CBS reunited the Dynasty cast for a 25th anniversary celebration of the shows launch.