CBS ponders As The World Turns replacement

As The World TurnsCBS ponders on what to replace soap As The World Turns with when the series bows out later this.


CBS is considering what to replace soap As The World Turns with when it bows out later this year. CBS announced it was cancelling the series – after 54 years on-air – because of low ratings. The broadcaster axed Guiding Light – after 72 years on-air – last year for similar reasons. When the departure of GL in September of last year As The World Turns became the longest running soap on-air but it won’t hold that title for long because it too with bow out shortly.


When it does leave the air CBS is considering replacing it with a game-show. Although there was early speculation that CBS would replace As The World Turns with a chat-show from Valerie Bertinelli it now looks likely that a game-show will replace the veteran soap instead. In the running is a new version of Pyramid which ironically was considered to replace Guiding Light last year – in the end Let’s Make A Deal was chosen instead. Pyramid has been on/off air since the 1970s airing on CBS, ABC and on syndicated as well. As well as reviving Pyramid rumour has it the network also wants to revive Password and is considering shooting a pilot – a prime time revival of the classic 1960s game-show aired in 2008 but was cancelled after two seasons.