Do You Know A Super-Soap-Fan?

Do you have a friend who is crazy about Coronation Street, gets over excited about Emmerdale or is in ecstasy when EastEnders airs? The BBC wants to hear from you.

Tonight’s The Night, hosted by Torchwood’s John Barrowman, is returning to BBC One for a new series and the show is on the look out for someone who deserves to meet their favourite soap star.

The BBC are looking for people to secretly nominate a friend, colleague or family member who deserves to meet their soap idol on the set of the serial for the Saturday night entertainment series.

If you know someone who you think fits the bill, you can contact Tonight’s The Night via telephone – 020 8576 1930 – or email here. Provide details of your name, your number and reveal all bout who and why your nomination should meet their soap star.

“I’d love to take part, darlings, I really would. But I’m still catching up on the plots of Crossroads and Eldorado from UK Gold, so am a little behind the times on current plots!” – TV critic Vivian Summers