Save The Bill Facebook Group nears 25,000 members

Fans continue to try and save the long running Thames Television production.

The group launched on Facebook to save The Bill edges closer to 25,000 members as former actor on the series, Graham Cole – who played PC Tony Stamp for over 20 years – speaks about the demise of the drama in a radio interview.

The group launched on Facebook to save ITV cop-drama The Bill has nearly 25,000 members. The continued support of fans towards the cop-drama comes after ITV announced it was moving the police saga from its Thursday evening slot to Tuesdays at 9pm, starting today.

The schedule change has had very little publicity leaving many fans worried that ratings will fall even further for the drama in its new slot. The Bill will remain on Tuesdays until the final episode airs around August/September time.

Also today actor Graham Cole, who played PC Tony Stamp in the drama for over 20 years, gave an interview about the demise of the series. Cole was interviewed about his role in the Thames Television cop drama and its cancellation by Lee Robson for Reachonair and during the interview many emails of support were read out by Robson.

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