Six characters axed from EastEnders

BBCNew executive producer of EastEnders, Bryan Kirkwood, has axed six characters from the BBC soap.


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New executive producer of EastEnders, Bryan Kirkwood, has axed six characters from the

Derek Martin as Charlie SlaterBBC soap. The six characters will make the exits from the soap over the coming months as Kirkwood begins to make his mark on the soap. The axed characters are: Charlie Slater, Minty Peterson, Libby Fox, Liz Turner, Danny Mitchell and Adam Best – the soap’s first regular disabled character.  Actor Derek Martin, who plays Charlie Slater, has been on EastEnders for a decade arriving in 2000 with the rest of his on-screen family. The Slaters were hailed at the time for re-engaging viewer’s interest in the soap with a series of high-profile storylines from Zoe [Michelle Ryan] disappearance, Little Mo [Kacey Ainsworth] abuse at the hands of her husband and Kat [Jessie Wallace] revelation that she was in fact Zoe’s mother and not her sister. However, with the departures of Jessie Wallace, Kacey Ainsworth and Michelle Ryan from the soap over the years the on-screen time given to Charlie has dwindled. However, later this year Jessie Wallace, along with Shane Richie, will return to EastEnders to reprise her role – will her return be connected with Charlie Slater’s exit?


David Proud as AdamCliff Parisi has been on EastEnders for eight years and last year producers introduced girlfriend for him in the shape of Amanda [Josie Lawrence] but after only a year in the soap the actress decided to quit. Joining Lawrence at the same time was her on-screen son Adam Best [David Proud] who was the soap’s first regular disabled character. Although Lawrence departed earlier this year producers, at the time, decided to keep David Proud’s character but now both he and Parisi will exit the soap.


The Fox family will looked quite depleted by the end of the year after Tiana Benjamin announced her decision to quit the soap last month. Now actress Belinda Owusu, Libby Fox, will be written out of the Kate Williams as Lizsoap later this year leaving Denise [Diane Parish] as the only original member of the family left. Libby’s departure from the soap could also be tied into that of Liz Turner’s departure. Liz [played by former Family Affairs actress Kate Williams] is the mother of murdered Owen Turner and its possible her character will be killed off if she discovers the truth of what happened to her son. Actor Liam Bergin, who plays Danny Mitchell, will also depart the soap later this year when his scheming ways are uncovered. Last month it was revealed that former Footballers Wives actress Zoe Lucker, who also starred in the short-lived police drama Holby Blue, would join the cast as a new love interest for Max Branning [Jake Wood]. With the departures of six characters its likely new additions to the cast will be announced soon.


New executive producer Bryan Kirkwood may have a reputation for be an “axe-man” but his clear out at Hollyoaks lead to a revival of the soap’s fortunes. Kirkwood introduced new characters and a series of high-profile and well received storylines which led to much praise from critics and awards too.