Channel 4 Continue to chat at 5 O’clock


Word On The Web: Popstar and reality TV face Peter Andre is just one of a host of celebrity-names lined up to present a new Channel 4 chat show to replace the popular Paul O’Grady slot. ATV look at what you’ve been saying about the news.



Since 2001 Channel 4 have broadcast chat shows in the 5pm slot, first with former This Morning stalwarts Richard Madley and Judy Finnegan’s obviously titled Richard and Judy [pictured left] and up until Christmas 2009 with Paul O’Grady – who defected to the network with The Paul O’Grady Show [pictured right] from ITV in 2006.


The new show, entitled creatively, The 5 O’clock Show (didn’t ITV have a show with that name hosted by Richard Hammond when O’Grady moved to four?) will see Peter Andre as just one of a number of presenters. The news was confirmed after speculation last month that he would be hosting the entire series. Channel 4 denied Andre would be the sole host of the show, in fact Channel 4 would neither confirm or deny the show existed at all.


‘I won’t be presenting it every week, as unfortunately I can’t fit it in with everything else I’m doing” Andre told Now Magazine. The singer-turned-presenter had previously guest hosted The Paul O’Grady Show – his guest-stint was met with much praise from viewers – and more recently fronted reports for ITV1’s daytime magazine series This Morning.


Peter is also recording another series of his reality documentary for ITV2. Others lined up to front the new 5pm show include former EastEnders actress Natalie Cassidy, one-time Big Breakfast host Denise Van Outen and Today with Des and Mel’s Melanie Sykes.


Word On The Web: Your Views On Andre’s Television Career:


Lee on SKY News’ forum wasn’t so thrilled with the news: “Really picking the prime talent here aren’t they?!? Aside from the fact that he’s an odious, orange, fame hungry desperado, I’ve seen him present and he’s completely rubbish!

“No doubt the Heat reading, Jeremy Kyle loving masses will be flocking to watch this show (especially as it’s on at 5pm and they’ll have collected their benefit cash and completed the weeks shop in Iceland by that time!).”


However at the time of his stint on Paul O’Grady, in April 2009, Andy B on Digital Spy said “He has natural presenting skills from what I’ve seen so far.” While Pussyfoot added “I’m by no means a Peter Andre fan, especially with all the over-exposure thats going on, but I was surprised at how good he was, very natural and genuine.”


While Mspence on SKY News’ forum thought it could have been much worse than to hire Andre: “Channel 4 could have picked Katie Price and that would have been another ‘Nightmare in Elmstreet’.”