New title sequence for Coronation Street

ITV Granada soap Coronation Street is to introduction a new title sequence at the end of the month to tie in with the move to HD broadcasting.

The new opening titles, which have been filmed in High Definition, will make their debut at the end of the month.

It will be the first change to the beginning of the saga for eight years when the current set of titles were introduced. It’s unknown whether any tweaks will be made to the iconic theme tune to coincide with the new look, however it is reported by some inside ITV that the track has been in some form updated for modern television audio output standards.

Last year EastEnders revamped its opening titles and theme tune ahead of its 25th anniversary. Although the basic idea of the map was retained, which revolves around the River Thames, it was spruced up and given a 21st century make over – making the titles look more like a Google Earth style of land visusal. A boat moving along the Thames was ahead, more colour and clouds were also added to the titles. The memorable theme tune was also updated somewhat with harps added to the theme.

There have been some duff opening title changes over the years, with ITV midland-based saga Crossroads suffering two during its long run. In 1987 the iconic Tony Hatch theme tune was replaced by a dirge, then in 2003 the previous corporate, upbeat and modern titles -complete with a restored Tony Hatch theme – were ditched in favour of flying hearts, tacky poses and an ‘ice cream van’ style version of the Hatch tune.

“Let’s hope the ITV staff, who I’m sure will, have a bit more creative jive than the beeb. Didn’t the top boss of ‘Enders say he didn’t know why the title credit rose from the bottom to the top. I mean was he taking the P? Your whole opening titles revolve around the river Thames and you don’t know why your title text rises up? Water dear, what does water do?” – TV Critic Vivian Summers