Word On The Web: New Look Coronation Street Titles

ITV.com earlier this week unveiled the all-new HD opening titles for their longest running serial, Coronation Street. The new look will be seen on ITV screens this coming Monday, but for the online viewers who’ve taken that sneak peek – what do they make of the revamped opening to the nation’s favourite saga?




Over there years there have been a number of opening sequences for the Manchester-produced show, some pictures across the years below, however the latest look is a step beyond anything seen before with its more ‘artistic’ shots and blur effects. The theme tune also had been re-recorded entirely for the first time to accompany the HD sequences.


Corrie’s executive producer Kieran Roberts said: “In our new titles Coronation Street remains the star but we see it as part of a busy, modern Manchester through our opening shots. The overall feel is livelier, more intimate and more colourful and they look stunning, especially in high definition. We think the new titles have a classy, classic, timeless quality but at the same time feel vibrant, fresh and very contemporary. That combination is exactly what we strive for in the show itself.”


However the credits have met with mixed reviews:


Tony emailed ATV Today commenting,Manchester in the opening titles, I thought Weatherfield was its own little town away from the city?”


Joe-D-3203 also emailed us saying “Glad to see the back of the current titles, the block of flats that wobble in the poor overlay just before the tram really gets on my tits.”


Meanwhile over on Corrie’s official Facebook page there were viewers rushing to give their opinions, most at the time of reading not in favour of the change – with a lot disliking the blur-effect:


Ian Martin asked “Do we buy high def to watch out of focus rubbish like this?” while Diane Stanley added “Just saw it un YouTube. It’s terrible in every way. My cats will be going after those pigeons too.”


It wasn’t all negative, Joan Whitehead said “I like it very much, a lot more up to date” and “I like it. Love the soft focus and the music is lovely! remarked Louise Lacey.


SoapChat regulars are also not yet entirely decided on the new look, Mike commented: Quite cool, not sure why everything’s out of focus though?” and James from London stated “They’re a bit glossy, a bit chocolate box-y.” while Joanna~H thought “It looks a bit dismal to me…. I’ll get used to it after I see it a few times I suppose.”


Paul Ross told ATV Today “Oh dear! ….and ruining it all with a tacky plastic machine made rendering of the old classic theme tune! Also having so much out of focus will irritate most of those who are over 40.


“If I hadn’t stopped watching this programme in the early 90s when it started its downward spiral – I would now! Now more than ever nostalgia seems to be staying for the foreseeable future and more of us are watching the old eps from fav soaps (and other programmes) from years and years ago when they had quality and producers who knew what they were doing!


And… “Ummm, I’m not sure if I like it or not.  Don’t know about giving it a revamp…the images might be updated but to me the music sounds more like 50s jazz.  I think I prefer the old titles personally..” Added Jean.


The one thing that did prove popular was the new ginger cat, you can view the opening sequence at ITV.com/coronationstreet.