BBC to Launch BBC One HD

The Beeb is to launch a high definition version of BBC One later in the year, following the BBC Trust’s approval.

“The launch of a high definition simulcast of BBC One is great news for audiences. As we move towards digital switchover, this is a high-profile commitment to the provision of HD services, which will help to fulfil the BBC’s public purpose of delivering to the public the benefit of new technologies. And this is possible within existing channel budgets, meaning excellent value for licence fee payers.” – BBC Trust Chairman Sir Michael Lyons

In addition, the Trust also agreed an extension of daily hours on the existing, dedicated BBC HD channel from an average of nine hours to 12 hours a day. These changes are reflected in amended service licences for BBC One and the BBC HD channel, published today. 

In taking this decision, the Trust took careful account of the implications of the proposals, including noting that adverse impact on other broadcasters was likely to be minimal, that neither change represents a new area of activity for the BBC, and that the changes can be made within the agreed budget range for each channel.

Programmes to be upgraded to HD for the new BBC One HD service include teen-aimed soap EastEnders, magazine series The One Show and reality show¬†The Apprentice. Series’ already broadcasting in high definition on BBC HD include sci-fi hit Doctor Who, chat show The Graham Norton Show and wildlife series Springwatch.