Sam Mitchell Back For Peggy’s Funeral?

Up Yours - Barbara Windsor at ATV Network, 1980Speculation that Daniella Westbrook is returning for the funeral of on-screen mother Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders is rife. If true the storyline will be so predictable even Mystic Meg wouldn’t need her crystal ball to see it coming.



Sources around Elstree suggest that Matriarch Peggy meets her end after an accident.


Peggy – played by Barbara Windsor – pictured left in ATV Network comedy ‘Both Ends Meet’ – survives long enough to predictably peg-it in the Queen Vic, her home where the gangster style Mitchell family is operated.


The source suggests that following a battle over The Queen Vic pub; Peggy is victorious in regaining control, she injures her head in a car crash. She returns to her home, where she later dies of the internal injury. However the actress had previously stated she would love to return to EastEnders in the future.


It was announced earlier today, by the News Of The World, that Daniella Westbrook – Sam Mitchell in the soap – would be reprising the role as Peggy’s daughter, who it is suggested will be back in time for the funeral. Which is a miracle for EastEnders as Michelle Fowler couldn’t be bothered to return to see most of her family go six-feet under.


An insider told the paper: “It’s a great comeback for her. She proved popular with viewers and producers realised they should get her back for more.”


Westbrook proved popular with viewers when she retuned for a four-month stint last year. She first played the role of Sam back in 1990, aged 16. Windsor, famed for her giggle and boobs, found fame in the Carry On movies back in the 1960s and 70s. Her career dipped, but it was revived by the BBC when she joined EastEnders in 1994. She announced she was quitting the soap last October.