Has Hollyoaks lost the plot?

With the news that Channel Four soap Hollyoaks is to run a plot featuring an alien – something we still aren’t convinced is actually going to happen – we ask, has Hollyoaks lost the plot?

Hollyoaks titles 2008 - Lime Pictures

The bizarre-sounding storyline is supposedly part of new boss Paul Marquess’s plan to turn around the flagging fortunes of the teen saga. However, if the plot does indeed go ahead, will Aliens from wherever the Daily Star claimed they were coming from really save Hollyoaks? Or has the soap totally lost the plot?

Now you might think aliens cropping up in a soap  is a new thing. Well it isn’t, well at least not in America. In the 1980s prime-time soap The Colby’s, a spin-off from Dynasty, ended its brief two year run with a surprise visit from another world. Also stateside, daytime series General Hospital has also seen an alien plot.

However, previous extra-terrestrial based plots have been widely ridiculed and it didn’t save The Colby’s from being axed – in fact it probably made the argument for getting rid of it stronger.

So if the alien plot is real will it save Hollyoaks? Has Hollyoaks lost the plot? Send your views to editor@atvtoday.co.uk and they may be published on the site.

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