Big Brother 11 – Final Housemates Revealed

Tonight for fans of reality television the wait is over. The beginning of the end of Channel 4’s Big Brother has officially launched.

The show which has dominated the summer for the past decade has opened its doors for the final time to welcome in the housemates for the eleventh and final series of Big Brother.

After weeks of deliberation and suspense, tonight Davina announced on Channel 4 the names of Big Brother’s chosen few.

The Females In The House Are…

CAOIMHE (pronounced Kee-va)
Age: 22
From: Dublin
Occupation: Student

This feisty colleen describes her self as a fag hag but still lives at home with her mum and dad. She believes that cooking and cleaning are beneath her and is desperate to leave home and the suburbs so that she can go out on the lash more.

As a child she claims to have been an ugly uni-browed loner but at 20 went to live in Spain for two years returning mature, strong and fluent in Spanish.

She DJs around town and her mum calls her “her favourite slapper”. She believes it is human nature to be selfish and bitchy and admits to being a bit of a diva ‘but only in a tasteful, sophisticated and elegant way’. Caoimhe hates snobbery and people who look down on others because of their job, status or work; she thinks everyone is equal.

Caoimhe admits she could fancy a girl if the right one came along but she is great at seducing men saying ‘I just strut my stuff and heads turn’. She admits to finding chavs sexy but generally thinks that love is ‘wonderful but dangerous as it turns you crazy and turns your heart to marshmallow’. Caoimhe is currently seeing someone… but says it’s going nowhere.

Age: 25
From: Bristol
Occupation: Financial Sales Rep

Country girl Josie may just set the house alight with fun and laughter with her big personality and wicked tales of mischief. A celebrity of her own making in her home village, she says everyone there knows and loves her.

Josie is the life and soul of the party. Some of her more infamous exploits have seen her pull a moonie at a monk in Thailand, waking up in a graveyard, and breaking her arm doing a combat roll.

Fiercely independent, Josie left home aged 14 to live on her Aunt’s farm, where she still lives today, in a ‘wooden cabin’ with her own horse and cart. Once a successful financial sales rep, she had her own company car and great wage, but she now MCs at house parties at the weekend, drives a ‘shit mobile’ and hates her job saying ‘I’ve lost my game and turned into a loser’.

Josie grew up around horses as her mum breaks in horses for a living, and they travelled to many a horse fair across the country.

Ever the naughty school girl, she was deemed a disruptive influence and expelled from two schools. She believes in ghosts and claims to see them often. She says she hates bullies, attention seekers, moaners and cheats.

Age: 29
From: Stockport
Occupation: Retail

Glamorous motor mouth Corin is often mistaken for Jordan thanks to her resemblance to the star, and her own 30G (real) boobs. Her dream job would be a PA for a famous celebrity.

A high maintenance girly girl, Corin is bisexual and has been with her girlfriend for over two years. A widower, Corin’s husband was killed in an accident at work just four months after they were married. From this she learnt that life is too short, ‘you have to grab it by the short and curlys’.

Corin rates herself 9 out of 10 for looks, and it would annoy her greatly if there were better looking girls in the house. She is always tanned, dyes her beauty spots and uses hair pieces but insists that despite this she’s not a fake person.

Always told off at school for talking too much Corin thinks she’ll annoy people with her incessant chatter and says she dislikes posh, arrogant people who ‘turn their noses up at others’.

Corin may put her relationship with her girlfriend on hold whilst she’s in the house so she doesn’t have to worry about her behaviour. If she thought she could get away with cheating she would do so with a man and thinks her next relationship will be with a guy not a girl.

IFE (pronounced Iffy)
Age: 25
From: Milton Keynes
Occupation: Professional Dancer

Professional dancer Ife has had a taste of fame as one of Cheryl Cole’s backing dancers and also dreams of singing stardom. A backing vocalist on the The X Factor she is hungry for a career as a singer.

Engaged to her boyfriend of 6 years, Ife lives with her adoptive parents and fiancée. The most significant event of her life has been meeting her real mum and seeing the massive resemblance between them in looks, mannerisms and behaviour. She’s not resentful of her biological mum who gave her up for adoption; she just thinks how lucky she was to have been brought up by her parents.

She believes in God and prays every day in her own way and also believes in the power of positive thinking – “you get out of life what you put into it.”

Image is important to her – she once stayed indoors for ten days because she couldn’t draw her eyebrows on correctly. A self-confessed clean freak , she can’t stand things being dirty and is very particularly about how her clothes are folded away.

Ife is a bit of an insomniac and can function normally on a couple of hours sleep. She also sleep talks.

Age: 23
From: Nottingham
Occupation: Hair stylist / professional Beyonce look-a-like

Stunning Beyonce look-a-like Rachael hates that people judge her because of her looks, but admits she still checks herself out in the mirror up to 100 times a day to ‘check I’m still hot.’

The self employed hair stylist is fed up of the media dictating how women should look, and believes girls should be girls: ‘I think boys should wear jeans and girls should wear skirts, girls should be pretty, girly, lady like.’

Despite being the most popular girl in school, Rachael admits she now only has two or three close friends because of her ego. Girls are often jealous and bitch about her. As a result she ‘enjoys confrontation’ but can be intimidating ‘because I stand up for myself and what I believe in’. She’s thinks she’ll be booed by the Big Brother crowd: ‘I’m not expecting to be adored.’

Currently single, she only ever gets chatted up by drunk, pretty boys who are not her type. She would never make a move on a guy and thinks it makes girls look ‘desperate’. She has never been faithful to any of her boyfriends. Her nightmare scenario in the house would be if Big Brother took away the mirrors.

Age: 24
From: London
Occupation: Film maker

Former child actor turned rebel girl Shabby (real name Keeley) describes herself as ‘a walking contradiction with a love of poetry and giant boobs’. A squatter, Shabby lives in a squat in a Victorian house in south London.

Keen to transform people’s opinions of squatters, Shabby believes she is a citizen of the world. She can not spend more than six months in one place so has to move on. Despite wanting to portray squatters in a new light (she has a shoot planned with Italian Vogue) she admits she eats food discarded by supermarkets.

Her film career as a child star saw her appear in Black Beauty and lose out to Lindsay Lohan for the role in Parent Trap. She’s now returned to filmmaking from the other side of the camera and thinks ‘films shouldn’t be escapist; they should hold a mirror up to the world and show it what it’s really like’.

A country girl in her childhood, she moved to London aged 17. She always knew she was gay and at school all the girls who wanted to experiment with their sexuality used to kiss her to test the waters.

Her mum found out she was a lesbian when she was caught Shabby with her first girlfriend. She dislikes public transport, authority figures and strawberries – her fear of mould means she refuses to eat fruit at all . She hates being told no and has an inner spoilt brat waiting to get out. Oppression, and Keria Knightley, make her angry and she was once regressed and learnt she was an elf in a former life.

Age: 24
From: Peterborough
Occupation: Medical Student

Beauty and brains collide in medical student Yvette, aka Sunshine. With one year left of her medical degree she has taken a year out to study medical journalism in London.

Sunshine describes herself as ‘beautiful and intelligent’ giving herself 9 out of 10 on both counts. People often judge her and think she’s a bit of a Barbie doll, but Sunshine is relentlessly positive. She wants to be on Big Brother to show the nation that brains and beauty do mix.

A Tory through and through, Sunshine has set her sites on becoming prime minister one day despite admitting she knows little about politics.

Well-travelled, Sunshine has had three near death experiences around the world; mugged at knife point in Tunisia; she accidentally overdosed on anti-malarial drugs in India; and was bitten by a poisonous spider in Australia. She now lives with her pet Chihuahua Tinkerbell and a friend.

Currently single, she loves men with big strong arms and a brain to match her own. She prefers to live with guys saying ‘they’re easier to live with than girls and even if they are messy you never really argue with them’. She thinks footballer Ronaldo is quite attractive ‘but I would not make a good footballer’s wife’.

The Males In The House Are…

Age: 39
From: Pontypool, Wales
Occupation: Minister

This ex-postman/ex-pest controller is now a Christian Minister who lives at home with his wife of 17 years along with his four kids, three dogs, six chickens and lots of rabbits. David recently organised an extreme religious event on Barry Island called Sloshfest which attracted hundreds of people from around the globe.

Top of the class at junior school David went off the rails as a teen, drinking and taking drugs. But on October 11th 1992 he met Jesus. Since then he has thrown off the shackles of drink and drugs getting drunk on “Godka” instead.

As well as God David believes in UFOs and ghosts but only as an extension of his understanding of the scriptures. He says he doesn’t want to go into the house to preach but to be himself, claiming to be funny, bright and likeable when he is relaxed.

David enjoys hunting, fishing and Cardiff City FC. He says he spends a lot of time doing very little but does travel through time and space in the spirit realm and the weirdest thing he’s done is “visit the sun.”

He says “I didn’t want to go on Big Brother and I feel weird about the whole thing”, but since wondered if God’s opening a door to the show for him. Whilst in the house he says that he is up for having fun but won’t do “anything of a sexual nature, or that may harm my Ministerial integrity”.

Age: 30
From: London
Occupation: Writer and Broadcaster

Tory boy Benjamin has already had a taste of fame starring on American Princess and Ladette to Lady…in fact he admits he’d do anything to avoid the standard nine to five job. He currently spends his time taking extra roles for TV and has written diary pieces for the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Telegraph.

As well as insisting he’s not posh Benjamin claims to only be 27 and is adamant people should believe this. He’s prone to lying as, “it makes life more interesting” and once told friends and family that he was going to Egypt to work on a book but in fact he was taken on a free holiday by a professor.

He is single but says he is currently involved with two people who are already in relationships which he is supposed to be keeping schtum about. His biggest secret is that he once had a relationship with a beautiful 18 year old before being seduced by her mother…he still see’s the mother.

He’s extremely passionate about politics and obsessed with the Middle East, wishing he was an Arab. He claims a harem of Arab girls would improve his home life as not only are they beautiful but they would also look after him.

He claims to not know a lot about BB and hasn’t told anyone he applied for fear of judgement from his friends and family. If he could take one luxury item into the house it would be a competent hairdresser and stylist.

Age: 25
From: Bingley, Yorkshire
Occupation: Trainee Joiner

This jack the lad, rugby player claims to be Yorkshire’s answer to Liam Gallagher and likes to be the life and soul of the party…but still lives at home with his grandparents.

He attended private school until the age of 11 but deliberately failed his exams so he could attend the local comprehensive with his friend. At school he was the self proclaimed class clown always acting up. Up until the age of 18 he was 17 and a half stone.

He says he’s happy go lucky and the loud mouth within his group of friends, always playing pranks. On a night out he once ended up walking round Leeds city centre with no clothes on with only two takeaway menu’s to hide his modesty.

Bigots, intelligent bullies and lies make him angry. He believes he knows how to play people and if he doesn’t get what he wants from one person he’ll make sure he’ll get it from another.

He’s single now after losing the love of his life two years ago after he was too much of a lad to commit – he claims he could have his pick of the best looking girls around but his stupidity always messes it up. His biggest crush is Charity Dingle from Emmerdale and he once gave Channelle Hayes his phone number but she never called.

Age: 21
From: Leicester
Occupation: Voluntary worker

Energetic, bi-sexual Govan claims to be a likeable and intelligent guy who flits his home time between Leicester and London.

As a housemate he says he’s very messy and “the very thought of having to wash clothes is something I can’t be bothered with”. Even when he’s in London he’ll bring his washing back for his grandmother to do. In the house he’ll tell his new housemates that he can’t cook in the hope that he won’t have to.

At school he claimed he was surrounded by ignorant youths and was horrified by his classmates and the way they behaved. Even now he believes the youth of today lack any kind of enterprise.

He’s currently unemployed and is soul searching to discover what he’d like to do. Right now Govan is single and has never been in love. He’s slept with 10 girls and 0.5 boys and claims to be very sexually curious when it comes to boys.

‘Incorrect’ opinions, racism and homophobia make him angry and stupid people bore him. He’s going into the house to represent his ethnicity and “bulldoze stereotypes”.

Age: 24
From: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Retired vehicle body builder

24 year old John still lives at home with his mum but has his own independence after his dad built him his own granny flat. John hasn’t worked since his father was killed in an industrial accident and he inherited some money.

He claims to be laid back but very opinionated and can be single minded when pushed on certain topics and morals. He claims he is very likeable and chatty and says he is the best friend you could have as he is so loyal.

At the age of 20 he changed his name to Achilles; his friend’s called him Chills but he soon changed it back.

John believes he’s very persuasive and good with words which means he can convince people to come round to his way of thinking. He likes to think he looks like David Beckham because he’s a good looking bloke and he takes care of his appearance, using an anti-aging light to stop wrinkles so he can keep hold of his looks.

He’s currently single and is yet to meet the one – mainly because he thinks all girls are too much work. He doesn’t mind that he’s single and doesn’t have a problem getting with the ladies but he knows looks only get you so far and you need a personality as well. To him, sex means “making myself feel better”.

John admits he will do anything it takes to win the show and believes he’ll be a good asset to the house as he’d be funny and argumentative. His dream would be to have daring people and hot girls in the house with him.

Age: 40
Location: Leicester
Occupation: Ex HM Forces

This straightforward ex-serviceman amputee spends his time fighting for the causes he believes in. He currently lives in Leicester with his second wife of 14 years and has eight children.

In 1989 when Steve was 20 he was injured by a bomb whilst on patrol in Belfast. He lost both of his legs as well as an eye. He now wears a black glass eye which his kids love as he looks like a pirate. Steve says he chooses to wear shorts exposing his metal legs. “I purposely walk around looking the way I do. It’s better to be open about who you are.”

Despite his disability sporty Steve is a transatlantic yacht racer and recently took part in the Royal Ocean Yacht Race with an amputee crew of ex-servicemen personal. This was a particular achievement as he can’t even swim.

Steve has been unemployed for the last 20 years but would never want to sit behind a desk – he’s more of an outdoorsy type. He feels very strongly about, and lobbies for, soldiers who have been injured.

He hates stuck up, self opionated, political people “who think they know a lot about things when they don’t”. In the house he won’t need to be fussed over but his fellow housemates may “need to pick me up if I fall over”.

Age: 28
From: Essex
Occupation: Unemployed

Born near Venice in Italy Mario is half British and half Italian. He lives in Essex and although now unemployed recently worked in McDonalds.

Mario is fascinated by the paranormal and the potential powers of the mind believing “we are all connected by a cosmic force but organized religion isn’t relevant or needed”.

He doesn’t believe that love truly exists rather it is ‘an enforced emotion of jealously and fear’. He says he has learnt to not wear heart on his sleeve and to trust no-one, he is often the dumper because he likes feeling like a big man.

Mario has a phobia of death and aging which means he constantly wears moisturiser and sunblock and always exercises ‘to be young and beautiful’. He hates to see animals mistreated but he eats meat.

Mario is a massive Big Brother fan and he owns the diary room chair from BB7. His friends say he is a shallow narcissist but he is bored by Paris Hilton/Jordan wannabes. He admits to being vain, saying when he goes to a club even if he doesn’t want to pull girls, he still wants to look attractive to them. However, never in Primark – “vampire and destroyer of fashion”