Edward the Seventh

The series comes to DVD.

Based on the biography of Edward VII by Philip Magnus, the ATV drama starred Timothy West as the elder Edward VII and Charles Sturridge as Edward in his youth. The programme was voted Best Drama series of 1975 by BAFTA.

The 13 episodes have all been digitally re-mastered for this drama’s first-ever release on DVD.  Star cast include John Gielgud, Michael Hordern and Annette Crosbie who also won a BAFTA for her performance as Queen Victoria.


The drama charts the going-ons of the royal family through the life of Edward VII from his youthful years to his death in 1910. Despite the title, only the final three episodes dramatised Edward as King in line with his short, nine-year reign from 1901 onwards.

Special Features

Commentaries with director John Gorrie, and lead stars of the drama, Timothy West, Annette Crosbie, and Robert Hardy. There are also ATV trailers and a collection of images from the photograph archive of Edward the Seventh’s production at the ATV Elstree Neptune Studios.