Jason King on DVD

Jason King has been released on DVD, courtesy of Network Releasing.

First experienced by fans in the hugely successful ITC series Department S, this is Jason King, brought vividly to life by Peter Wyngarde in a series of high-spirited adventures which turned him into a world-famous celebrity. Wyngarde’s larger-than-life personality ensured a larger-than-life performance, sparking highly enjoyable turns from a guest cast that included Stephanie Beacham, Ingrid Pitt, Patrick Mower, Julian Glover, John le Mesurier, Alexandra Bastedo and Yootha Joyce.


Jason King is an author and bon vivant who savours life to the full, from good food to gorgeous girls. Wherever he goes in search of material for his books he encounters more stirring drama, greater danger, deeper intrigue, more unexpected situations and more beautiful women than any one man has the right to experience! Coping with everything in his own elegant, flamboyant manner, anything can happen to him – and usually does!

Special Features

The second part of a special documentary looking at Department S and its spin-off Jason King. Narrated by Peter Bowles and featuring contributions from Cyril Frankel, Kate O’Mara and Burt Kwouk

There are also from the ATV stills collection episodic images, as well as promotional shots with a suite of Laurie Johnsons’ incidental music. There are also un-aired rushes including textless opening and closing titles and break bumpers. Other material includes an archive interview with Peter Wyngarde on Russell Harty’s LWT show in 1973 and PDF scanned documents.