Gideon’s Way released on DVD

ATV classic series Gideon’s Way has been released on DVD.

John Gregson stars as Commander George Gideon, CID in Gideon’s Way – a classic 1960s crime thriller series based on the books by John Creasey.

Extensively shot on location, the documentary style of the direction lends itself wonderfully to fast-paced, thrilling action stories with outstanding performances from guest stars such as Gerald Harper, Alfie Bass, George Cole, Ray McAnally, Rosemary Leach, George Baker and Gordon Jackson.

This rarely seen series is presented here, with all 26 episodes being complete and uncut. The show has been described as “The Sweeney of its day”. ATV would return to a gritty police style drama with Hunter’s Walk in the early 1970s, however many of the latter shows episodes were wiped after transmission.

The DVD has been released by Network and is onsale online and in all good DVD retailers. Prices vary.