Sunday Round-Up: Big Brother Week One

ATV Today looks back at the first week (and a bit) of Big Brother 11. Highlights include an Angelic Ben, Rachael’s lust for John and Friday’s eviction in our special BB Sunday Round-Up.


ATV Today looks back at the first week (and a bit) of Big Brother 11. Highlights include an Angelic Ben, Rachael’s lust for John and Friday’s eviction.


Channel 4, Big Brother, BenDAY 1


All the housemates are in the living room. Ben and John James are sitting on the sofa talking. John James says that he didn’t audition for Big Brother Australia as the show got axed in 2008. He also discussed the auditioning process and that he had to, “line up in snow, which I’ve never seen before”. About winning John James says, “I know I can’t win, ‘cos how would the whole of the UK feel if it was won by a foreigner?”.

Mario talks to Nathan, and Rachel. He tells Rachel that she is beautiful.


Rachel, Govan and Josie are in the bathroom. Rachel talks to Govan about showering naked stating that “I don’t feel clean in a bikini”. She is unsure as to whether or not she’ll shower naked or not.


Steve and Corin are reading the welcome pack in the kitchen and looking at a plan of the house. They realise that although there aren’t enough beds in the bedroom it looks like there is another room, which can be accessed through the garden.


Mario is in the bathroom brushing his teeth. The tree of temptation talks to Mario about framing another housemate using a beach ball. If he succeeds he may get the chance to avoid eviction on Saturday. Mario agrees to do the task. He takes the ball to his Mole hole and places it in his pillowcase.


Mario is in the mole hole writing on the ball as part of his impossible task.


Mario is standing in the doorway trying to discretely thrown the beach ball without anyone notices. He successfully gets the ball to the other side of the garden.


Shabby, Caoimhe and Ife are in the kitchen when they notice the beach ball which says, “David most hated”. They all agree not to tell David what it says. Big Brother asks them to bring the ball to the Dairy Room. The other housemates get up to see what is going on but Shabby doesn’t let them see what the ball says before she hands it back to Big Brother.

Big Brother 11, Mario nakedDAY 3 

As part of his secret task to avoid eviction this Saturday Mario has been dressed as a mole and ordered by Big Brother to live in the mole hole. After completing the first of his tasks yesterday the Tree of Temptation struck again.

Yesterday housemates won £200 on their shopping task, ‘Hung, Drawn and Quoted’. As the shopping was delivered Mario was alone in the bathroom. The Tree told him that later that night he must take all the vegetables and bread from the shopping and throw them in the pool. He was told he must also try and frame one of his fellow housemates as the person who did the deed.

Shortly before 4am, when all of his fellow housemates were asleep, Mario completed his task by sneaking into the storage room, stealing the chosen food and throwing it into the pool. He decided to frame Ife for his actions by hiding an empty food wrapper in her make up bag.



Ife and Corin are in the bathroom discussing the food that is in the pool. Ife says “maybe someone’s trying to frame us”.

They go outside to the pool where they are joined by Sunshine who says about the food in the pool, “we’re still eating this”. They laugh and speculate that it maybe Mario who threw all the food in the pool.


Steve, Mario, John James, Josie and Govan are in the bedroom. John James tells Mario that he thinks he had something to do with the food being thrown into the pool. Mario denies being the culprit and tells the housemates that whilst he was sleeping he could hear noise outside his mole hole. Caoimhe enters the bedroom and then leaves with Mario. They discuss Mario’s attraction to Ben. Mario says to Caoimhe that he has “a thing for him” (Ben) and asks her “is it that obvious?”


Caoimhe and Mario are in the living room talking about Mario’s feelings for Ben. They talk about Ben leading Mario on. Caoimhe refers to Ben as “tactile”, and how “that can perhaps be leading you on”. Mario says that he is going to, “leave it as friendship”, to which Caoimhe replies, “there’ll be another gay in here for you to play with”. Mario describes his “ideal” man. He says that he likes “masculinity”.


For today’s task housemates will take part in Wear it or Lose it. Housemates have four minutes in which to put on as many items of their clothing as they can.

Any clothes housemates fail to put on within the four minutes will be lost.

As punishment for breaking the rules by entering the mole hole yesterday. Caoimhe, will only get two minutes. Earlier housemates decided Dave and Josie were the best dressed and so they will be exempt from the task and will keep their clothes.

Housemates take part in the Wear it or Lose it task. After the task is over all housemates remain in the garden. Ben and Mario discuss the clothes that Ben has put on in the task. As Ben only managed to get one pair of trousers Mario tells him he can borrow some of his clothes.

Mario removes a hair from Ben’s shoulder and exclaims it must be from one of Ben’s, “blonde conquests”.


Mario is in the bathroom where the Tree of Temptation is ready to give him his next task. He’s told he must take a pair of scissors from the chests drawer and “trash” someone’s cigarettes. Again, Mario must try and frame another housemate.

“Can we go on a date after this?” asks Mario. “I’m stumped”, says the Tree.


Dave, Mario and Sunshine are in the bedroom. Dave is reading a bible which he is granted access to for 30 minutes everyday.

Sunshine talks to Mario about all the people that have died in her family. Mario asks, “just out of curiosity, does everyone just die around you?”

They talk about the jewellery that Sunshine wears having a “deep meaning”, and Mario tells Sunshine that he has learnt a lot more about her in the 20 minutes that they have been talking.

Dave joins the conversation and tells Sunshine that “goodness” will be restored after all the “bad” things that have happened to her. He says to her, “You’re a very, very, very special person”.

He talks to her about the biblical implications of changing your name according to the Bible.


Corin, Govan, Josie and Sunshine are in the bedroom.

John James enters the bedroom after going to the toilet. Sunshine asks John James if he has washed his hands. They argue about hand wash. Govan joins in the argument as to where to go to wash your hands.

Once Sunshine has left the room housemates begin to talk about her. Rachel says, “I need to get away from Sunshine . . . we rub each other the wrong way sometimes”.
Govan says about Sunshine, “out of everyone, she does have a bit of an attitude”.


Some of the housemates are at the carousel. It has been five hours and 55 minutes since Mario the mole was given the task of cutting up fellow housemates cigarettes.

Mario is adjusting his “mole” hands and quickly steals a packet of cigarettes from the chair. He then goes to his mole hole and takes out the cigarettes and places them under his pillow.

Sunshine is in the Mole’s toilet and asks Mario what he is doing in the mole hole. She says to Mario “I think you’ve got something to hide”. Mario denies he’s is doing anything, telling Sunshine he was coming to check the mole hole as there have been ants crawling around.


Mario is in his mole hole cutting the cigarettes with his scissors. He goes to the bathroom and places the packet of cut up cigarettes on top of the chest of drawers.


Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. They are still speculating as to who threw the food in the pool. Steve says that “it’s closer to home”.

Rachel, Ife and Shabby are in the bathroom and decide to play a trick by using food to write the word “twist” by the pool side.


Big Brother 11, MarioDAY 5



Mario and Sunshine talk in the kitchen. Mario says once he gets up he can’t get back to sleep. Sunshine says she’s the same, and everyone thought she was the mole because she always got up early. Mario says that when someone’s done something wrong, he always looks guilty even if he’s not. Sunshine tells him that everyone said he doesn’t have a guilty face and that another housemate said “he looks 100% not guilty.” “But you knew better” Mario says.

9.59 am

John James, Steve, Josie and Dave are in the bedroom. Tomorrow the housemates will nominate for the first time.

1.38 pm

Rachael talks about Sunshine singing and says “I can’t wait to get my voice back because I will sing the sh*t out of her”, and adds “it’s easy to impersonate Lady Gaga”.

2.25 pm

Mario, John James, Josie, Shabby and Govan are in the diary room.

Josie comes into the Diary Room with a cushion in her jumper and pretends she’s pregnant. Josie says she’s “up the duffer” and that the father could be any number of the male housemates. Josie asks Big Brother if he saw any “funny business” during the night because “look at the state they’ve got me in”.

4.42 pm

Nathan, Govan, Corin, Dave and John James are in the bedroom talking about Sunshine

Govan says that since yesterday he hasn’t spoken to Sunshine yet and doesn’t want to. He doesn’t mind small talk if they’re in the same room but he’s not interested in having a conversation with her. He knows that she wanted to draw a line under their argument but he says there’s no way they’ll ever be friends. “I don’t want to be friends with someone like that”.

5.17 pm

Shabby says she’s thought of a cruel punishment but won’t say what it is. Ife and Caoimhe try to guess. Shabby then says she thinks Big Brother might make her nominate one of them. Caoimhe says Shabby is making theories again, and that she should just “cool your jets and relax”.

6.04 pm

Big Brother has gathered all the housemates in the living room for today’s task….

Shabby takes the task instructions which are in ice. They must play “Competitive Brain Freeze” and the winner will get their suitcase back. As her punishment, Shabby will not be allowed to participate, and Dave, Josie and Mario already have their suitcases so will not participate either. Shabby says “I don’t want my p*ssing suitcase.”

Nathan goes to the Diary Room first. He must drink as many shots of frozen drink in 60 seconds as possible.

As Nathan managed to drink all 10 shots he has won today’s task and will receive his suitcase of clothes.

10.11 pm

Ben, Mario, John James, Shabby, Caoimhe, and Ife are in the bathroom.

Mario decides to streak through the house. He runs through the living room and does a lap in the garden around Steve and Sunshine while Caoimhe chases him. When he arrives back in the bathroom he’s told “you’ve got serious balls”.

12.57 am

Most of the Housemates are in the bedroom

Caoimhe is in the diary room

Caoimhe says she is very tired and is dreading sleep because of the snoring. She asks Big Brother for earplugs.

Govan and Shabby are at the Carousel

Shabby says that she has been made to feel like she picks on Sunshine. Shabby said you can’t force trying to get along with everyone. Govan says he wants to just enjoy his time in here because nobody’s safe. “That’s the thing mate”, Shabby agrees, “nobody’s safe.”


Big Brother 11, Mouse HouseDAY 7


Big Brother has gathered all the housemates at the sofas to announce the results of the first ever nominations. Sunshine, Dave, and Shabby are all nominated. Upon hearing his name Dave comments, “There’s a surprise”. Big Brother announces that there will be a task, and the winner can save himself or herself from eviction. “I can’t be bothered” Shabby says.

All nominated housemates are called to the Diary Room. As they make their way Shabby comments that this means that, “even my friends nominated me.” “I didn’t”, Dave says. In the Diary Room Shabby, Sunshine and Dave receive mouse costumes which they must put on straight away.


All housemates are in the garden. For being up for eviction Shabby, Sunshine, and Dave must take part in the Hickory, Dickory, Dock task. Each of them must transfer four pieces of cheese from one end of the clock to the other by crawling over the rotating cogs.

The housemate that completes the task in the quickest time will save themselves from eviction.

If a housemate drops their cheese or falls off the clock they must begin that part of their attempt again.

Dave is the first housemate to take on the course. As he prepares to start the task the other housemates shout words of encouragement. Dave easily makes his way across the course and does not fall off.

Sunshine goes next, and has more difficulty crossing the course. She is thrown off a few times. Nathan comments that she shows, “a lot of heart”. Sunshine eventually gives up the task.

As she prepares to go up next Shabby comments, “after watching that I’m sh***** myself.” Shabby begins the course well until she rolls around the course, and says she finds it “exhausting”.

Big Brother announces the results. Dave finished in one minute 31 seconds, Sunshine failed to complete the course, and Shabby finished in three minutes 45 seconds. As the winner Dave is told he must choose another housemate to replace him to be up for eviction. “Oh my goodness”, Dave says. He sits down and looks at the board for a very long time. “I wish I’d won”, Shabby says. “I’d just choose someone I don’t get along with”, says Corin.

Dave is told he must state his decision so he stands up. “You understand I don’t want to do this”, he says, and takes Rachael’s face off the board. “I’m sorry Rach”, he says as she begins to cry.

In the garden Dave says that he thinks Rachael is one of the people’s favourites. Rachael says she’s not. “I’m sorry for crying” she says, adding, “I knew he’d pick me”. Rachael says she is worried because she got booed going in.

12.44 pm

Shabby is in the Dairy Room discussing the days events. “I just don’t like seeing any of my friends upset”, she says of Rachael. She adds that she doesn’t think Dave made the right choice and that she thought he would’ve chosen Govan after their arguments this week

In the bedroom, Mario and Ben discuss that if Shabby had won she would have chosen Ben. John James asks why and they explain the row they had yesterday.
1.22 pm

Govan, Ben and Dave are in the kitchen discussing the events of the day. Ben thinks Big Brother is trying to stir things up.

Govan tells Dave he expected to be chosen by him to be up for eviction. “I want to get on with you”, says Dave. Govan says he can’t exactly say thank you, but he appreciates it. Dave says he was surprised by Shabby’s nomination and that he “certainly didn’t vote for her.” Mario tells Dave that’s a rule break, Dave says he didn’t realise it was.

4.08 pm

Shabby thinks that if Ben were to call her fake, “actress” is exactly the word he would use. Ben says that he is accused of hamming it up constantly in the outside world by his friends so he does not consider that a particularly offensive thing to say, but he realises it wasn’t a very good time to say it. “I’m going to choose to believe you”, Shabby tells him. Shabby says that if anyone else has an issue with Ben after this point that it has “s*** all” to do with her.

7.11 pm

Dave has been called to the Diary Room where Big Brother is waiting to punish him for breaking the rules regarding discussing nominations. In the Diary Room a podium has been set up. Big Brother explains that because Dave broke the rules, he must be punished. His punishment is to deliver a presidential-style apology to the housemates, and read a pre-written speech word for word.

The housemates watch on the plasma in the living room. “Today I flaunted the Big Brother rules and regulations”, Dave starts before adding that he is deeply regretful for telling other housemates he hadn’t nominated Shabby.

7.36 pm

Rachael is in the Diary Room. She is upset that she is nominated. She tells Big Brother that she wants someone to cuddle and tell her everything will be ok.

Rachael says she’s upset because she’s used to being able to flirt with all her mates but in the house, “no one fancies me and I find it dead weird”. Rachael adds that she is sad that she has no one to flirt with. She finds John James quite good looking but she knows he has no interest in her and it’s getting her down.

12.04 am

Corin is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about her official BB photograph. “My face looks like it’s been ironed”, she says, adding, “I can imagine that picture in a sun bed shop saying beware”.

Big Brother 11, House PartyDAY 9


John James and Dave are in the garden. Dave says, “I think this is the most volatile week in Big Brother history”. John James asks if he’s blaming him. Dave replies, “Not just you”. John James says he’ll take them all.

Dave says that if Shabby was to get evicted then the other girls would have to mingle more. John James says he knows what’s going on.


All of the housemates are in the garden talking about animals. Josie says, “I’m trying to picture a wombat”. John James tells her that they’re like her but furry. The discussion moves to the most dangerous animals. Josie says Shetland Ponies are the most vicious animals and that a hermaphrodite cockerel attacked her. John James looks bemused. Sunshine agrees cockerels are nasty.

Josie tells a story of how a Shetland pony used to run after the kids and smashed the patio door down. Govan laughs. She says, “They have little pony syndrome”.

Josie also tells a story of how one day she came home and the pony was in the front room watching the TV.


Shabby enters the bedroom. She says she’s got the horn and fancies Caoimhe. Josie says, “I get the horn in the sunshine”, adding that she thinks Shabby is falling in love with Caoimhe. Shabby says Caoimhe is straight and has a boyfriend but she would tell her if things were different.

In the garden John James and Josie are talking about Rachael. Josie tells him that Rachael’s upset. His reply is, “Still?… I’m not scary”. Josie tells him, “Sometimes you are”. She adds that Rachael might not be here much longer and wouldn’t he like to make peace with her.


Today housemates are taking part in the Totally Rubbish Quiz to bring their shopping budget up to £400. John James and Caoimhe are standing in rubbish bins and need to guess what their team-mates are throwing over them.

The game starts and various items are thrown over John James and Caoihme by Ife and Mario.

When the game finishes Caoimhe is covered in custard and soup. The reds are announced winners (Ife and John James).

Rachael whispers to Govan, “I really fancy John James so much, I hate it”.


Nathan, Rachael and Govan are in the garden. Govan says they are making it worse by getting involved in the Rachel and John James saga. Rachael tells Nathan that John James shouted at her.

In the Bedroom Shabby says that no-one else sees the problem with Rachael and maybe it’s to do with John James. John James agrees and then gets called to the Diary Room.

John James in the Diary Room, he says he’s so p***** and can’t take it anymore, “She annoys the s*** out of me”.

Corin is in the bathroom. The Tree of Temptation whispers to Corin. The Tree tells her that if she tells 13 lies before 10pm someone will receive their suitcase back. Corin chooses Rachael. The Tree tells her, “If you fail, the wrath Rachael receives will be fierce”.

Corin spends the next few hours telling lies to each of her fellow housemates. These include, “I’ve never used a washing machine”, “I’m allergic to washing powder”, I’m allergic to nail varnish”, “I got a job as a lap dancer and got fired on the first day for being too friendly”, and, “I’m allergic to mushrooms”.


Corin is in the Bathroom talking to the Tree of temptation. The Tree tells her that her lies weren’t good enough and she has to tell one big lie now for Rachael to get her suitcase.

Corin walks into the Kitchen and asks Sunshine to go outside with her. In the garden Corin tells Sunshine she’s waited four weeks for her period and she might be pregnant. Sunshine says, “But your girlfriends a girl”. Corin tells her not to say anything.

Corin exits to the bathroom and the Tree congratulates her and says Rachael will get her suitcase. Corin says, “Everyone’s going to think I’m pregnant”.


Some of the housemates are in the Nest. Steve and Ben say they like it in there. Ben suggests, ” We should have a boys club here”. Mario replies, “No smelly girls allowed”.

Rachael and John James are in the Bedroom. Rachael asks, “Can we be normal?” John James says he doesn’t’ want her to be uncomfortable and that he must be stronger mentally than her. Rachael says she doesn’t hate him and tomorrow could be her last day and she feels awkward. John James says he feels bad and he doesn’t want her to feel left out.

Rachael says that she just chooses to not be around when he is, and even if he doesn’t like her she wants to be able to be able to be in the same group as him. John James agrees. The pair of them hug.


Sunshine and Corin are in the bathroom. Corin asks Sunshine to say nothing about her pregnancy.

Big Brother says the storeroom is open. Housemates ask why. Corin says, “I wonder what’s in there”. Corin does some ballet Ben says, “You look like Lorraine Chase”

The housemates, including Corin, go to the kitchen to see what is in there. Steve gets Rachael’s suitcase and reads the note saying she has been chosen by one housemate to receive her suitcase. Rachael is happy and asks who’s done that. Corin says, “Oh my god…no-one else has got theirs”, she then walks over and hugs Rachael.


Big Brother 11, RachaelFirst Eviction


Since nominations were revealed on Tuesday, the public had been voting to decide whether Rachael, Shabby or Sunshine should be the first official housemate to be publicly evicted from the Big Brother 11 house.

During Fridays show on Channel 4, Davina McCall announced to the house that the person being evicted was RACHAEL. She received 38% of the total votes cast and spent only nine days in the Big Brother House.

In a new twist Davina offered Rachael the chance to leave her legacy to the house. She was to choose a housemate to have either the best or worst day.. Rachael chose Corin to have the best day for Saturday.

Big Brother airs on Channel 4 and E4 daily.