Best Series Finale: The Results

Last week we asked you to vote for the Best Series Finale from our mix of soaps, dramas and sci fis which ranged from Blakes 7 to Crossroads, Doctor Who to Dallas. Well you have voted and we can now reveal the results.


Our poll last week asked you to vote for the Best Series Finale from our list of candidates and you certainly voted – because it was the 4th most voted for poll so far. The weekend certainly saw a flurry of votes as several of the candidates surged ahead but today by far saw the most activity with all the choices, bar one, seeing their votes rise. The final results are rather interesting especially given one show occupies the first and last position!


Yes narrowly surging ahead today was Birmingham based soap Crossroads which was lagging behind in fourth place but pulled ahead – narrowly – to win. The soap passed Dallas and Howards Way, the 1980s soap, to battle it out with Blakes 7. At times there were just votes between them but when polling closed it was Crossroads that was ahead – by just a few votes. With 25% of the vote it seems the 1988 finale of Crossroads is your favourite. Just to remind you it featured Jill Chance and John Maddingham driving away from King’s Oak to start afresh somewhere else. Close behind in second place is Blakes 7 with 24.8% of the vote. Blakes 7 memorably ended in 1981 by killing off the entire cast – well remaining cast – in the final episode that was broadcast over Christmas. Usually shows enter into the spirit of Christmas and are festive – they don’t feature massacres! Although in recent years EastEnders has featured a murder or two on Christmas so maybe they were inspired by Blakes 7.


In third place was the 1980s soap Howards Way which for most of the poll was actually in second position and indeed was so until the last hour of voting. The series ended in 1990 after six seasons of melodrama, business deals, betrayals, affairs and a lot of 1980s fashion. It had a memorable theme tune, by Simon May, and had a rather underplayed series finale in 1990. Two days before it ended Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher resigned bringing to an end the 1980s and all of its materialistic values. Dallas, in 4th place, limped on until 1991 before it fell but it too, like Howards Way, was so utterly reflective of the principles, values and materialistic ways of the 1980s that it wasn’t suited to life in the 1990s. Dallas ended with JR Ewing being visited by the devil as he considers suicide.


In fifth place was the 1989 series finale of Doctor Who – cancelled by the BBC because of low ratings. Producers had no idea that the story Survival would be the final episode when it was filmed but when it became apparent later on they got actor Sylvester McCoy to record a monologue to close the episode with. In sixth and seventh place, with equal votes, are LWT produces shows London’s Burning and Night and Day which both had equally bonkers endings! In last place with just ONE vote is the 2003 version of Crossroads – resurrected in 2001 by Carlton Television – which revealed the past two years were all a dream of a supermarket girl. So Crossroads comes top and bottom of our poll – surely the first time a programme has occupied both positions?