David Dickinson’s ITV Chat-Show AXED!

Another ITV chat-show has bit the dust as David Dickinson’s show is axed by the broadcaster after just one series.


You have to give ITV credit for trying even when it keeps failing: another chat-show has been axed by the broadcaster. The latest high-profile name to given a sofa by the channel, in a desperate bid to find the next Michael Parkinson/Paul O’Grady, was David Dickinson. However, after just 10 episodes the chat-show has been axed by bosses who felt it just wasn’t going to work. Dickinson was given the 3pm slot as a trial run to see if his show would prove successful enough to alternate with Alan Titchmarsh in the 3pm slot but it wasn’t.#



Anthony Cotton's failed chat-showITV has, for some years now, been searching for a successful chat-show for the doomed 5pm slot. While they had success with Paul O’Grady he defected to Channel Four and the audience went with him. Although O’Grady has signed a deal to return to ITV it’s thought it’ll be in a prime-time slot and not his old stomping ground. The broadcaster handed chat-shows to Sharon Osbourne and Corrie actor Anthony Cotton but both flopped and were widely criticised. Bradley Walsh was also handed a chat-show order by ITV but it never made it past the pilot stage. ITV has however had success with Alan Titchmarsh who, in the 3pm slot, built up a loyal audience and was promoted last year to the 5pm slot.