Channel Four to boost programmes budget

Channel Four is planning to boost its programmes budget by £50million this year.



Channel Four is planning to boost its programmes budget by £50million this year. The broadcaster was forced to cut almost the exact same amount from its programming budget last year because of the economic downturn and fall in advertising revenues. However, because of a predicted rise in advertising this year and because the number of senior staff at Channel Four are being cut new chief executive David Abraham is directing the money back into the broadcasters programming budget. The cut in spending last year affected Channel Four with more repeats airing and fewer original programmes – such as drama’s – than years before.


The broadcaster has promised with the departure of Big Brother – currently airing its final series – and other shows such as Wife Swap newer, original programming will be developed to fill the gap left behind. This includes new dramas and comedies as well as factual programmes and reality programmes – just because Channel Four has axed Big Brother doesn’t mean it’ll stop looking for the next big format. Abrahams has promised to develop new talent and order more pilots for possible new shows – with the first of these expected around the end of the year.


Channel Four will be keen to develop more returning dramas as it currently only has Shameless. While E4 has the critically acclaimed Skins as well as comedies such as The Inbetweeners the broadcaster as a whole will be keen to establish more returning shows as well as one-off, critically acclaimed productions such as its recent Mo Mowlam film. Previous drama hits for Channel Four include Teachers and No Angels but flops such as Goldplated, Cape Wrath and NyLon cost the broadcaster.