Katie Price defects to Living

Former glamour model Katie Price, also known as Jordan, will move to Living and Bravo later this year when her contract with ITV2 runs out. Price has been the focus of several fly-on-the-wall shows for ITV2 such as Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter and What Katie Did Next – which regularly pulled in 1.5 million viewers for the channel.


It’s been announced that Katie Price, aka Jordan, will leave ITV2 when her contract runs out with the broadcaster later this year. The former model will move homes to Living and Bravo – two of the Virgin Media digital channels recently brought by BSkyB. The loss of Price from ITV2 could hit the channel hard as she has fronted several successful fly-on-the-wall shows for them such as Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter and What Katie Did Next. The show following Price after her spilt from Peter Andre (who had his own ITV2 show which did the same) proved to be another hit for ITV2 with average ratings of 1.5 million viewers.


As part of Prices’ deal to switch to Living/Bravo the model’s own production company, Pricey Media, will produce content for the channels. A new documentary series, factual entertainment series and a number of other pilots will be produced for the two new channels. Price’s new contact with Living is for two years and means that her production company will be the biggest supplier of content for Living. Price is due to appear in another series for ITV2, before her contract expires, which will follow her marriage to Alex Reid.