TV and Soap Previews

All new ATV PreviewAs part of the 55th celebrations since the launch of Associated Television in 1955 – ATV is expanding its preview output. We’ve provided review and preview for the majority of soaps recently, and we’re now also going to provide highlights from other television shows too. The only network currently not part of this feature is the BBC, due to the unique way it’s funded. We obviously would like to provide you with BBC material, so if you’re concerned the corporation isn’t able to fund its core departments we suggest you have a word in the ear of your local MP and let them know. After all, there has to be a serious budget problem if the press office is lacking in funds, causing the department to appear unprofessional – which as the bastion of public service provisions is unacceptable.



Channels providing preview material currently include ITV, Channel 4, Five, UKTV networks, MTV, FX and National Geographic Channel and a number of other cable and satellite broadcasters.



The new preview and review service TV Preview and Soap Preview launches on Monday. The One To Watch will continue as it has done since our re-launch in 2005. Soaps that will feature on preview include the nations best loved saga, Coronation Street, long running favourite Emmerdale and Australian imports Neighbours and Home and Away.