Guess The EastEnders Plots – Denise Isn’t Dead

The latest plot guessing sweeping the Internet is the outcome of the “murder” of Denise in EastEnders.

However a lot of people are now suggesting she’ll do a Den Watts and return from the dead. If we’re to believe this week’s plots nutter Lucas dumps his wife in the canal, along with her mobile phone. However, didn’t we see a “look-a-like” of Denise last week, and we don’t know what happened to her?

Holy Walford! Could Lucas already have murdered the look-a-like? Could the phone and this similar-looking prostitute be found together after both being dumped in the water by the serial killer?

No, surely not. After all, didn’t Crossroads go down this route in 2001 with Jill being dumped in a lake only for writers to plan her revival after a tramp was to be the real victim? And closer to home, the Den Watts storyline seems a little familiar – granted I doubt we’d have to wait 20 years for the outcome this time around.

ATV has the press information for EastEnders for the next two weeks – and there isn’t anything in those documents about what fans are saying below. And even if it did contain any information we’re bound in contract not to reveal any information in those files until a week before the transmissions. So as we don’t have any further details for subsequent weeks, lets take a look at your handy guess work – which makes for interesting reading.

On June 28th on SoapChat Tony was the first to suggest all isn’t as it seems commenting “Its not her. Its a prozzie who looks like her.” Followed by further debate from Pamela who had a hunch…

“Lucas reveals he killed Trina which is all to much Denise. She persuades him to give himself up, instead he takes her to the lake to drown her. He texts Chelsea and Libby “Goodbye” from Denise’s phone (Basically making it look like she killed Owen *as if she could carry his body and bury it*). He leaves her for dead in the water.

“Shock Horror. The arm of a black woman rises to the surface and we see the back of her. Oh no Denise is dead!!!!

“No she’s not. Its the prostitute. Denise managed to float down the river and recover. Terrified she hides out with her sister.”

Further evidence to this plot again came from super sleuth Pamela with “There was a deliberate back shot of the black woman last week and I was looking out for it after Tony’s post. She does indeed look like Denise and if you saw the back shot you would think it was her.”

On the Crossroads Forum, Paul suggested that Lucas would also be responsible for burning down the Queen Vic with all the sinners inside. But that would be far too much like the recent Tony Gordon Coronation Street storyline in which he took hostages and burned down the knicker factory and also the Crossroads’ 2002 scenes when religious nut Adam Chance burned down a church crypt to save his soul and two other sinners by burning to death.

The SoapChat debate was further endorsed when a site that is rather pally with the BBC Elstree lot removed some of the above suggestions from its forum.