Jedward for ITV2

X FactorBastion of quality programming RDF has hit another cultural high with the news they’re producing a series on reality rejects Jedward. The show will air on ITV2.


The three-part special has the working title of: Jedward: Home Alone, which will follow Ireland’s twin phenomenon, John and Edward, as they take their biggest step yet – leaving home and hopefully discovering what exactly their talent is.

Jedward: Home Alone is an access-all-areas pass to their private lives as, following their manufactured success on the X Factor, the duo leave the room they share at their family home. The series will film their trial run at cutting their aprons strings and attempting to set up home by themselves for a week. And in their new flat, in the heart of a hip part of Dublin, they will live in separate rooms for the first time in their lives.


Jedward said: “We are so excited that we have our own show. People find it hard to define us and hopefully the show will give viewers and our fans an insight into our world during a really exciting point in our lives launching our debut album.”

Viewers will meet their family and get the inside track on the hype and hysteria surrounding the twins. The series will also follow them as they prepare for the launch of their new album, perform onstage, and deal with their fame whilst trying to adapt to their new surroundings and independence.  

Jedward: Home Alone was ordered by Zai Bennett, Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions at ITV and commissioned by Katy Thorogood, ITV’s Commissioning Editor Factual and Daytime. 


Katy Thorogoood said: “Ever since the X Factor, people have been fascinated by Jedward.  Now’s our chance to find out what goes on in their unique world.  We’re looking forward to working with RDF on this brand new ITV2 series which will give our viewers exclusive access to their lives.”


John and Edward spilt the nation, with those who believe the X Factor is about finding talent diliking the pair – as there was no redeeming qualities in the performance at all. However the twins captured the hearts of kids and teenagers and became a hit with the youth of today.