Three Housemates Join Big Brother 11

New Big Brother 11 ContestantsTomorrow Channel 4 will be adding three new housemates to the Big Brother House. During the 9pm show host Davina McCall will unleash the latest contestants to Big Brother 11 literally from the skies.

Tomorrow Channel 4 will be adding three new housemates to the Big Brother House. During the 9pm show host Davina McCall will unleash the latest contestants to Big Brother 11 literally from the skies.


“In a spectacular end to the week which saw robots invade the house Housemates will be told by Bob Righter to ‘look to the skies’ as the trio of newbies is dropped into the Big Brother garden – by spaceship.” Channel 4’s Big Brother’s press office say.


The new faces are, Rachel aged 29. She works as a cabin crew member and is from Liverpool.

New Big Brother 11 Contestant RachelThis sassy Scouser wants to do Big Brother for “the experience, and to meet new people”. In 2002 she made it through to the last 50 in Pop Idol which she says has been the best experience of her life so far.

Despite her job as cabin crew the furthest she’s ever travelled is Morocco but she only stayed 25 minutes, put the bins out and then came back.

Rachel claims to have practiced a few different religions, born again Christian, Jehovah and “a lil Paganism,” but at the end of the day, she says there’s just one big master God.

Currently single Rachel says men are disappointing although confesses to fall in love very easily and likes the dark ‘meat head’ types. She once sent a guy a love poem with a chicken bone and used teabag, she says this was ‘deep and soulful’.

Rachel confesses to loving Jeremy Kyle and hates snakes.

Andrew is 19 and currently is a student. He’s from Wimbourne.

New Big Brother 11 Contestant AndrewAndrew was a child mathematics genius, taking A-levels at just 13 years old and is now studying Maths at Oxford. Rating himself as 10 out 10 for intelligence he wants to prove to the world that not all teenagers are ‘illiterate chavs’.

Having been pushed hard all his life to excel at Maths, Andrew is going into the Big Brother House to rebel and do something for himself. By being in the house he hopes to get better at interacting with girls and become a bit more ‘normal’. Sometimes when he wants to be ‘normal’ he tells people he works at Tesco’s and his name is Kevin.

Andrew has only had one relationship but he considers himself lucky in love, because ‘lucky she could fall for someone as unattractive as me’. He finds it hard to talk to women and lost his virginity to someone he didn’t know when he was drunk.

Andrew wasn’t one of the 81 hopefuls at the house on launch night as he was taking his exams.

Finally 30-year-old Keeley joins the house. She is a Travel Agency Manager from Manchester.

Keeley believes her small stature (she is under 5 ft) has lead to a superiority complex which drives her to “have to be the best at everything”. She is a successful business woman who has “won every award in her industry” and achieved “everything she has ever aimed for in life”

New Big Brother 11 Contestant KeeleyKeeley is aware that she sometimes comes across as arrogant but says she just has “great self belief” adding “There are certain people that attract attention in a room full of people – I think I am one of them. I’ve got charisma and charm.”

Single Keeley has dated some of Manchester’s finest including actors and footballers although she likes to hang out with gay men as “they always want to go out and don’t want to have sex“.

Keeley reads a lot of self help books which “help you get what you want” and shares a few Buddhist beliefs such as not killing animals. If she was reincarnated she’d like to come back as “a little terrapin – dead chilled out and bask in the sun all day with my pals “.

Two of the new faces made it as far as the front door of the Big Brother house four weeks ago when they were among the 81 hopefuls present at the launch of this eleventh and final series. Then they were sent away with their bags still packed but Big Brother has been keeping an eye on them and earlier this week called to tell them the news.

Finally allowed across the threshold of the famous TV house the three fresh-faced souls will be bona fide housemates competing with the current housemates to win the series.

“All have been allowed to watch the show and so will go in armed with information about the outside world. They will also be aware of how the public views each of the housemates but will be strictly forbidden by Big Brother to divulge any of this to the current housemates.

“The current housemates have been speculating on when new housemates may join them… Mario requested that Big Brother send in a handsome man for him. Josie and John James speculated that Big Brother would send in hot girls, with Josie worrying “if you go off with some other Sheila I won’t have a snuggler will I?”” Channel 4 say.

Whoever wins this eleventh and final series of Big Brother will join a selection of favourites from past series to compete in The Ultimate Big Brother which starts on 24th August on Channel 4.

Tune in to Big Brother at 9pm, Friday, on Channel 4 to see Davina usher in the brand new housemates….


“It will be out of this world.” Channel 4 say.