The Bill narrowly beats CSI: Miami

ITV’s soon-to-end cop drama The Bill only just beat American import CSI: Miami last night while BBC One’s new thriller series The Silence managed to increase its ratings from Monday evening’s opening instalment.


There was very little difference in the ratings between ITV1 and Five last night at 9pm as The Bill clashed with American import CSI: Miami. Five will doubtless take comfort in the strong performance of the CSI spin-off as the opening episode of season eight drew 2.45 million viewers for the channel. Over on ITV1 at the same time was The Bill, the soon to end ITV cop-drama which has been shunted to a Tuesday evening slot to play out the rest of its run. According to overnight figures 2.43 million watched the episode on ITV1 but a further 124,000 watched on ITV1 HD – meaning combined audience for the episode was slightly higher than CSI: Miami.


It was BBC One’s new thriller series The Silence that won the 9pm slot though with its second episode increasing its ratings. The new four-part series, stripped across the 9pm slot this week, opened on Monday with 4.71 million viewers. Last nights second part saw ratings rise ever so slightly to 4.74 million viewers. The Silence is ATV Today’s One To Watch and you can find out more about tonight’s episode by clicking here >>


Elsewhere last night That Mitchell and Webb Look drew 1.8 million to BBC Two at 9pm while Shooting Stars had 1.5 million at 9.30pm. Earlier in the evening medical drama Holby City on BBC One had 5.5 million viewers.