Another Afternoon Debate Show For ITV

Its been revealed that ITV are planning a series not dissimilar to popular lunchtime debate show, Loose Women. The show’s line up boasts the likes of Gloria Hunniford, Fiona Phillips and Carol Smilie.


The show – titled 3 @ Three – is to broadcast live from London’s Covent Garden and as its title suggests will air at 3pm.


The show is described as a lighter look at news and celebrity chat. The programme will also have a touch of consumer and magazine show ‘That’s Life!’ about it as 3 @ Three champions worthy causes and exposes what’s bad.


Into the mix comes ‘The Time, The Place’ in-studio debate format as the studio audience get to air their views on the topical issues of the day. The promotion for the show, currently seeking an audience, also suggests that the views gained from polls conducted with viewers will be sent to the relevant bodies in an attempt to ‘make a change.’


Following the success of The Alan Titchmarsh Show in the 3pm slot the gardening expert and presenter was moved to 5pm – leaving new programme opportunities for the three o’clock hour. So far The David Dickinson Show proved to be a huge flop and embarrassing to watch. The antique expert was best left blending in with the furniture on his auction show. Michael Ball will try his hand at a chat show for ITV later this year, the popular singer is already experienced as a television and radio host and its believed Ball will prove a hit with the daytime female audience.


ITV previously tried a Loose Women spin off, Loose @ 5.30 – unlike its main show was co-hosted by men as well as the regular women. It failed to rate well enough and was axed after its pilot run. The new show will begin on ITV1 in August.