Mixed response to Men’s Hour

The critical response to the first edition of Men’s Hour on BBC Radio 5 Live has been mixed. The magazine programme has been launched as a companion series to Woman’s Hour on Radio Four but it seems as those the critics have yet to warm to the new series.


The first edition of new magazine programme Men’s Hour has met with mixed reviews. The new programme has launched on BBC Radio Five Live and is a companion to Woman’s Hour which airs on Radio Four – and is hugely popular with audiences of the radio station. The BBC decided earlier this year to launch a male version of the programme for the more male-orientated Five Live station. The programme is hosted by Tim Samuels and will also star Pineapple Studios star Louie Spence and will run for five weeks – likely returning on a more lengthy basis should it prove popular enough.


The critics though have yet to be charmed by the make-upm of Men’s Hour. The Independent’s reviewer, Jane Thynne, described it as “needy, unsexy and really likely to have low self-esteem”. The Times reviewer Sarah Vine described a segement about men and infidelity as being “the sound of five men staring at their shoes filling the airwaves”. However, Guardian reviewer Zoe Williams said the programme had some “fascinating bits”.


So that’s what the critics think but what do our readers think? Have you tuned in to Men’s Hour? If so please post your comments and opinions on the programme below.