Robson Green and Mark Benton join Waterloo Road


Robson Green and Mark Benton are to join the cast of BBC One drama series Waterloo Road. Green will be familiar to audiences for his role in the gritty ITV detective drama Wire in the Blood and co-starred alongside Benton in Northern Lights.

It’s been revealed that Robson Green and Mark Benton are both to join the cast of Waterloo Road, the BBC One drama series. The duo’s role in the school based drama has not been revealed but the BBC did confirm their casting to Digital Spy. The two have signed up for two seasons of the series – most likely its sixth and seventh. The pair previously starred alongside each other in the drama trilogy Christmas Lights, City Lights and Northern Lights. Green also appeared in the gritty ITV drama Wire in the Blood until its cancellation.

The duo are just two of the several new faces being lined up by producers of Waterloo Road for its new season. The recent series of the drama, which concluded last Thursday on BBC One, saw the exits of several long-term players such as Eva Pope, Angela Griffin and Denise Welsh. New cast members for the sixth season will include Amanda Burton, Tina O’Brien, Wil Johnson and George Samson amongst others.