Why is Hollyoaks in so much trouble?


Just a few years ago the thought that Hollyoaks would feature in cancellation rumours in the tabloids was practically unthinkable. The very idea that its ratings would tumble below the 1 million mark was laughable. Now though both of these things are reality – the golden period that Hollyoaks enjoyed under Bryan Kirkwood is very much over; the bubble has burst. So why is Hollyoaks in so much trouble? Why is the teen soap failing to attract its key audience and will Paul Marquess be able to save it? This is the place to have your say!

Classic Hollyoaks with Gemma Bissix as the devious ClareJust flip your mind back a few short years and remember how Hollyoaks was; Bryan Kirkwood was in charge and the soap was enjoying its best ratings ever. Peaks of over 4 million viewers were tuning in as the soap featured a wide range of critically acclaimed and popular stories from the devious antics of Clare (Gemma Bissix) and Warren (Jamie Lomas) to the tender romance between Craig (Guy Burnet) and John-Paul (James Sutton) and the sensitive portrayal of Hannah Ashworth’s (Emma Rigby) eating disorder. When Bryan Kirkwood left Hollyoaks it was in fine shape.

Any excuse for a Craig/John Paul photo!Now fast-forward to the present day. The soap should be celebrating its 15th anniversary this year but its not. Lucy Allen, the producer who replaced Kirkwood, has departed after just a year and Paul Marquess has been brought in to try and save the soap. Hollyoaks has suffered from appalling ratings – less than one million viewers for several episodes – and cancellation rumours are abound in the press. The majority of the cast have now been axed or are leaving of their own accord – Hollyoaks truly seems a troubled soap. But why? Where did it all go wrong for the soap? What was the straw that broke the camels back? More importantly is Hollyoaks a soap that can be saved? Can Paul Marquess turn around its flagging fortunes or will Hollyoaks join the likes of Family Affairs, Brookside, Night and Day and Crossroads – all victims of the 21st century soap axe?

Post your comments/opinions on these issues below and see what other fans think!